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Surviving Armageddon in your bathroom

By Jim Mullen “Hmmm, that looks comfy.” Sue was flipping through a glossy home-decor magazine and stopped on a section on ..

My plain, old vanilla ice-cream life

By Jim Mullen I don’t remember much about my childhood – only that my seven brothers and sisters and I were ..

English as a second-hand language

By Jim Mullen The pundits that say emigrants to this country should have carte blanche to speak whatever language they choose ..

Death of the party

By Jim Mullen Aunt Alice had a rule that, whenever she had a get-together at her house, we could only talk ..

Equal pay for equal work

By Jim Mullen Nea Columnist Like most people, I’m not very good at remembering jokes. But every now and then one sticks ..

Learner’s permit to kill

By Jim Mullen NEA Columnist Remember when James Bond out-golfed Goldfinger by one stroke? Bond never practiced, but he played golf like ..

Rural Manhattan

By Jim Mullen NEA Columnist I was reading New York magazine last week. I used to live there (in New York, not ..

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