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Jogging will kill you

When I mentioned to Harris that I usually end my workouts by spending 10 minutes in the health-club spa, he ..

Have yourself a special Christmas

‘Tis the season for Christmas television specials. What better way to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus than by ..

Classless class photos

During a holiday get-together, my cousin Joe proudly pulled out a picture of his granddaughter from his wallet. It was ..

Catch-and-release fleece

My brother-in-law, Dave, hunts pheasant and deer. A week before hunting season, a gigantic new store for outdoorsman opened, and ..

Curbside Thanksgiving

You finally get some well-deserved time off and what happens? You spend most of it in an airport. What could ..

Brother, can you spare a couple million?

My friend Pat has been bending my ear for the last half hour on his daily struggle to make ends ..

Something fishy's in your Net

My financial adviser says I should buy as many shares of eFISH as I can get my hands on. Today. ..

Beach and moan

“You’re not wearing that, are you?” Sue was looking at me as if I were wearing a large flounder on ..

Read it and weep

I just got a glossy magazine in the mail today, a magazine to which I do not subscribe. It’s full ..

There’s no ‘i’ in ‘Pod People’

In the old ‘50s sci-fi movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” aliens replaced happy-go-lucky humans with their brain-dead, easy-to-control evil ..

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2012 Olympics: Beach Volleyball Blowout
2012 Olympics: Beach volleyball blowout

Raspberry Finn
Raspberry Finn

Santa Don’t Gift Jobs, Little Buddy
Santa don’t gift jobs, little buddy

Eat, Drink And Be Theme-y
Eat, drink and be theme-y

Going Paperless - Priceless!
Going paperless - priceless!

Spoiler Alert! Stop Reading Now!
Spoiler alert! Stop reading now!

Have Yourself A Special Christmas
Have yourself a special Christmas

3-year-old Bear-killers Are A Thing Of The Past
3-year-old bear-killers are a thing of the past

‘You Are A Toilet, Where Am I?’
‘You are a toilet, where am I?’

The Ghost Of Christmas Parties Past
The Ghost of Christmas Parties Past