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Just what I always wanted

Sue and I have an anniversary coming up. I’m really not big on anniversaries. People make such a big deal ..

It’s better than stealing the towels

I bought an old photo album at a yard sale a few years ago hoping to discover something unusual mixed ..

In one tin ear, out the other

We went to the symphony tonight. It was my own fault. It was my punishment for taking Sue to see ..

‘Living will’ crush your spirit

The nurse asked me if I had a living will. “Yes, I do.” “Did you bring it with you?” “No, I ..

First class or first grade?

These flat escalators at the airport are my favorite thing to play on. My sister Chrissy and me like to ..

What I did on their summer vacation

Our old friends Gary and Evelyn just had the most wonderful vacation of their lives. For three weeks they were ..

I brake for junk

Over the years, we’ve all collected stuff that we are ashamed to have in the house. Stuff that is too ..

Broken chain, broken lives

Paris Hilton got this letter in 2001 and mailed it to 20 of HER FRIENDS. Before she knew it, she ..

Does this earring match my tie?

After attending a neighborhood picnic the other day, I had to ask myself – will I be the last man ..

With friends like these ...

By Jim Mullen “What is that?” Sue asked. We were looking into a UPS box we had just received from our ..

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