Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

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30 Seconds

Some times you cannot log out of this 30 Second site and other times you cannot log in . Plus some 30 Second submissions will not enter like they should and did before.
- Man from Norwich

Please change this page back ASAP.
- Edsel

I thought the original premise of 30 seconds was to do with local events and happenings. It seems it has become a political forum for each side to spew their rhetoric and hatred for anything they don't agree with. Maybe The Evening Sun could make 2 30 seconds forums, one political and one related to local concerns. It gets real old hearing the same political talking points spewed every day by the same people who have nothing better to do.
- Man from Oxford

"Think of how many health insurance employee's will lose their jobs if we put in a national health network getting rid of health insurance companies." First, we're talking about NYS, not nationwide. Secondly, if you would bother to read the link I provided you might get an answer to your concern. Thirdly, if you would bother to research and put up your own links that would be helpful. And finally, insurance companies are not just going to disappear. Look it up.
- Dred Scott

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