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Evesun is Chenango County's most highly trafficked website with over 100,000 visits each month. Reach tens of thousands of unique, geographically targetted local visitors with your business online, now it's easier than ever!

We're Here to Help
We know online advertising may be new to your business and we're here to help. We're happy to answer all your questions about this new way to advertise your business, simply email us anytime at

What you get

  • Exposure to over 3,000 daily readers
  • Audience consists of mostly local readers, with some previous or vacationing residents.
  • A great chance to brand your company online and a cost-effective way to drive local traffic to your website

Leaderboard: Slot 1

  • 728x90 Ad Size
  • Top of every page, great placement
  • Starting at $50 for 20,000 views ($2.50CPM)

Large Block: Slot 2

  • 120x240 Ad Size
  • Above the fold large ad placement
  • Starting at $20 for 20,000 views ($1.00CPM)

Skyscraper: Slot 3

  • 120x600 Ad Size
  • Largest Ad placement on every page
  • Starting at $40 for 20,000 views ($2.00CPM)

In Story: Slot 4

  • 300x250 Ad Size
  • Only showed on story pages, placed at the center of the story
  • Starting at $40 for 20,000 views ($2.00CPM)

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