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Weight, weight -- don’t tell me

"The sweat was pouring down my back, my feet were sore," my friend Evan was telling me. "I was ready ..

If you can stand the heat

Are you watching "The Great British Bake Off" each week? If not, you are missing the "Downton Abbey" of cooking. ..

Zombie Jamboree

If this idea hasn't been pitched to a Hollywood studio executive yet, I'm sure it will be soon: "Downton Abbey ..

Beachy keen

My 22-year-old niece Chardonnay showed up at the beach house my brother had rented wearing hip-huggers and a short tank ..

State Fair time: Rusty rides and food on a stick

If you tried to figure out what was going on down on the farm based on what was going on ..

America’s got Chutzpah

In case you missed it, a stunt went wrong on a recent episode of "America's Got Talent." A woman shot ..

Moan for the holidays

Did I ever mention that I hate holidays? Not because I have anything against Christmas or the Fourth of July or ..

All the house’s a stage

We never noticed how unsellable our house was until we went to sell it. It never bothered us that the ..

Sing along with Dr. Phil

My radio station has changed formats once again. They used to play the worst pop music from the '50s, '60s, ..

Customer disservice survey

After hanging up from a two hour-phone call with my cable TV provider, much of it spent waiting for a ..

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