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Scammer’s paradise

I just got an email from our friend Beverly, saying that she is in Pakistan and she's just been pickpocketed. ..

Air apparent

Our friend Melody's flight was delayed, so I had plenty of time to watch people come and go at the ..

Garbage in, garbage out

It's Trash Day once again. Why don't we get the day off? Why isn't it a holiday? Sure, a holiday once ..

Casual Monday, Thursday and Friday

It used to be that you couldn't get anyone who worked in an office in the city on the phone ..

Lost in GPS space

Sue says that I have no sense of direction. That I get lost going from the bedroom to the bathroom. ..

Cleanliness is next to impossible

I'm cleaning the house so our cleaning person won't think we live in a pigsty. Not that I've ever been ..

Tune in, turn on, give up

Have you ever tried to turn on the TV at someone else's house? It's like trying to figure out what ..

Selfied to death

I just read another story of somebody who fell off a cliff trying to take a selfie. Actually, they should ..

Thief in the night

Sue thinks I've been stealing her socks. "What would I want with your socks? That makes no sense," I said. ..

On the road again

When I was a teenager and somebody said "road trip," I was the first one to jump in the car. ..

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