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Caught shop listing

Saving money -- that's what it's all about. Why buy the expensive trash bags when the store brand is just ..

Why can’t every day be cyber Monday?

It turns out that people are no longer doing their Christmas shopping at brick and mortar stores -- or, as ..

Everything’s just peachy

There is just no pleasing some people. And by "some people," I mean my family. My brothers and sisters showed ..

The first Thanksgiving family feud

Historians all agree that the Pilgrims really did celebrate a first Thanksgiving, but they also agree that it was a ..

If at first class you don’t succeed...

Soon, the holiday travel season will start. What a depressing thought. I remember reading a story a few years ago ..

Just for men with gray hair

Being gray doesn't bother me. After all, at least I still have a full head of hair. I don't have ..

Big shop of horrors

At the beginning of the hunting season last year, a gigantic new store for outdoorsmen opened near us. My deer-hunting ..

Sorry, we’re out of time

I flipped through the morning television shows this week and I didn't know who any of their "famous" guests were. ..

A wing and a prayer

We tried a new restaurant, and it was extraordinary. I gave it four stars. One entire wall was a giant ..

Margaritas in the sleet: The great American tailgate

Brad is deep-fat-frying a turkey. His wife, Kathy, is passing around Jell-O shots, after sampling a few to make sure ..

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