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Eat what you want

Life grows more confusing every time you stroll around the block. You remember when dairy products were toxic. It was ..

Colleges have lost opposing viewpoints

Here is a pitiful situation. The College Fix organization told us recently that Cornell University has no registered Republicans ..

We’ve been conned

If you love Hillary you might not like this. If you love government you might not like this. It seems as ..

Moderators should stay out of it

Today a few thoughts on presidential debates. Why do we need to suffer the interference of celebrity moderators? By their ..

It’s time for tax cuts

Suppose someone offered you a great business opportunity. You invest $50,000. You will take home a profit of $100,000 ..

The problem is elitism

In the middle of Bill Clinton’s run for the White House his top advisor scrawled a big note on a ..

It’s time to tackle homeland violence

Just revealed: About 500 bald eagles have been killed by shotgun fire so far this year. Hunters bagged nearly 5000 ..

Stop normalizing criminal behavior

Suppose you discovered your doctor runs a charity on the side. The charity gives away some money. But it spends ..

Let’s make a spin app

Maybe we can make some money from the spin phenomenon. First, let’s define spin. It is the BS that spokesguys ..

Where are the dads?

Riots in Milwaukee. Following the riots in Baltimore. Following the riots in Ferguson. Following the riots in… fill in ..

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