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From the zest-for-life files

‘Tis the season to pay tribute to some favorite people. One is a gutsy young man in Boston. Christmas Eve he ..

Extremists miss a lot

The national mood has set me thinking. About bi-sexuality. You know, AC/DC. Also about pouting in the ..

Get into the predictions profession

Are you terrible when it comes to predictions? If so, I suggest a good profession for you: Predictions! I ..

A study in over-reacting

If there’s one thing we are good at in this country it is over-acting. Or over-dramatizing. Or over-reacting. Shakespeare reckoned ..

Trump bets big

Are you up for gambling? Your new president is about to go “all in” on the economy. He is ..

Understanding Donald Trump

Here is your big opportunity. His critics don’t see it. Many Republicans are blind to it. Few in the media see ..

How did Trump win?

We have many teachers telling kids the country’s gone to Hades. Because voters chose Donald Trump. We have professors and college ..

How and why Trump won

A few thoughts about the election. A big reason Trump outsmarted his opponents: He is a business guy. An entrepreneur. More ..

Presidential pardons are coming

Are you ready for a few presidential pardons? Well, you are very likely to see some. Now some newspapers won’t ..

We deserve better

Do you think you deserve better? That question popped into my mind while standing for 25 minutes in a TSA line ..

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