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Stowed away with Diana and Elvis

If you buy into these conspiracy theories, I apologize to you. If you believe 19 young men did not steer two ..

Leave it for the night crew

Stand by... for higher taxes. Really higher taxes. And reduced benefits. There is an old joke about a boy who grows ..

Turgid communiques

How would you like to have a job writing communiques? You know, from these big confabs between world leaders. How about ..

Killing inflation

The Fed is making a bet. Perhaps the biggest bet in the world. Many people wonder what the Fed does and ..

Ignoring news?

So now we learn that some of the photos you see in newspapers and magazines are doctored. Some of the ..

Something of immense value: Hope

By Tom Morgan   The poor may be always with us. But they are fewer in number than we are often led ..

Three sides to an argument

by: Tom Morgan I tip my hat to those who tell both sides of a story. For instance, the teachers. Some will ..

An unexcused absence ...

By Tom Morgan People offer many reasons for not serving in our armed forces. They offer many reasons for their kids ..

The Chicken Little Bet

By Tom Morgan Al Gore, I bet you $10,000 that you’re full of hot air. I am serious. I invite Mr. Gore ..

A Pyramid of Support or Thank You Day

By Tom Morgan I hereby nominate the fifth Sunday as national Thank You Day. On Thank You Day all of us should ..

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