We deserve better

Do you think you deserve better?

That question popped into my mind while standing for 25 minutes in a TSA line this week. Is this the best we can do?

Everybody whines about TSA stupidity and rudeness. Ahh, but we need these guys, don’t we? They keep our airplanes safe. For over 800 million passengers a year. What an achievement.

Well, who keeps our trains safe for 520 million passengers? Who keeps inter-city buses safe for 535 million passengers? Who keeps ferries safe for 110 million passengers? Villains could easily carry canisters of deadly gas aboard any of these. They could easily snuff the lives of several hundred at a pop.

Hell, they could haul good-sized bombs aboard. Nobody checks. So…do you maybe deserve better thinking when it comes to passenger checks? Israelis are major targets for terrorists. They use better thinking than we do. And rarely inconvenience their air passengers. Meanwhile, we inconvenience 800 million people – fliers. To achieve what we achieve for 1.2 billion other passengers by doing nothing.

Do you deserve better when it comes to voting fraud? You have to know there is voter fraud. Unless you live under a rock. One way to reduce it is to require a photo ID for voting. Duhhh.

Omigod this is discrimination! Against blacks and Hispanics! Against the poor!

Do you buy that? If fraudsters are going to feed us a line, don’t you think they could do better than that? First, why is it only Democrat leaders who claim voter ID is racist? That alone should tell us something.

Second, people need ID for countless other activities: To buy booze and smokes. To drive cars. To open bank accounts. To apply for food stamps and welfare. To get past the TSA birds at airports. To give blood. Or blow money at a casino. To rent a hotel room. The list is longer. So long as to make the discrimination claim ridiculous.

It is your election, your country. Do you think maybe you deserve more honesty about election fraud?

Do you feel you deserve better thinking on healthcare? You’ve watched Washington jam Obamacare down our throats. Without ever gaining majority support from the people.

It clearly is failing. Premiums for millions are sky-rocketing. Instead of dropping – as was promised by you-know-who. Millions are losing access to their doctors. After his promises this would never happen.

Politicians are prepping transfusions of your taxes to keep Obamacare alive. Do you think maybe you deserve something better? Bureaucrats and politicians created a monstrosity of a plan. With thousands of jobs, loops, alleyways, convolutions, dead-ends and ditches. And dozens of new taxes. The organization chart is Rube Goldberg for sure.

It had as much chance of success as would a new car designed by bureaucrats. Get up to 12 mph and a toaster oven on the dash with your new Obamamobile.

Do you think you deserve a president who lies to your face? The cry was that George W lied and people died. Maybe you have seen evidence that he said things to us he KNEW were untrue. I have not.

Meanwhile, our current prez told us he only learned about Hillary’s private email when the press revealed it. Told the nation on CBS. Lately we have learned he exchanged many emails with her. On that private email system he knew nothing about. He flat out lied to you.

Do you think maybe you deserve big news media that come within a thousand miles of balance? Media Research Center monitored the last 12 weeks of campaign coverage by big networks. Balanced? How about 91 percent hostile to one candidate? Guess which one.

Your candidate was either attacked or gifted by this imbalance. Whichever, do you really feel such bias in our news media is good for the country? Do you feel maybe we deserve better?

Is this as good as we can do as a nation? I’m sure we can do better. What do you feel?

From Tom…as in Morgan.

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