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Unsocial security

I was having a hard time logging into my newspaper's web page, and finally got a tech person on the ..

I want to pump you up

I jumped about two feet in the air when the gas pump at the Gas and Go Away started talking ..

Storm of the century

"Snow! There's a slight chance of snow tomorrow!" There's a look of panic on the weatherman's face. It's as if ..

Pet food for thought

At the big box store, I'm standing in front of a giant, glass-doored refrigerator full of beautifully packaged non-GMO chicken, ..

Your easy restaurant price guide

I've been eating out a lot recently, and I've developed a new skill. With one look at the dining room, ..

The wannabe snowbird blues

Nora wants to go south. She's afraid that one day she'll slip on the snow and break her wrist in ..

Labels, labels everywhere

I brought home some new dishes the other day and put them in the dishwasher. They came out perfectly clean, ..

A quarter for your thoughts

Wow! An empty parking spot right in front of the restaurant where I'm meeting a friend for lunch. This only ..

In one year and out the other

It's time to review... The Top Trends of 2016! -- Streaming TV everywhere My boss thinks I'm working, but I'm really binge-watching ..

Take a left at the toilet paper

I should know better than to go to the store during the busy holiday season. But then again, when is ..

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