Unofficial election results:

CHENANGO COUNTY — Listed are the preliminary results of the 2017 general elections as reported by the Chenango County Board of Elections. Candidates who are mentioned alone ran unopposed.

NYS Proposal Number One, A Question: 1,181 Yes; 8,095 No. Total votes: 9,276.

NYS Proposal Number Two, An Amendment: 7,056 Yes; 2,139 No. Total votes: 9,195.

NYS Proposal Number Three, An Amendment: 4,758 Yes; 4,362 No. Total votes: 9,120.

State Supreme Court Justice: Jeffrey A. Tait, 2,429. Total votes: 6,795.

Chenango County Sheriff: Ernest R. Cutting Jr, 2,623. Total votes: 7,338.

Chenango County Clerk: Mary C. Weidman, 8,376. Total votes: 8,388.

Norwich City Court Judge: Mike Genute, 763; Steve Natoli, 553; Maureen Byrne, 285. Total votes: 1,602.

City of Norwich Mayor: Christine A. Carnrike, 1,175. Total votes: 1,203.

Norwich Supervisor Wards 1, 2, 3: James J. McNeil, 720. Total votes: 725.

Norwich Supervisor Wards 4, 5, 6: Robert M. Jeffrey, 486. Total votes: 488.

City of Norwich Alderman Ward 2: Brian J. Doliver, 175. Total votes: 176.

City of Norwich Alderman Ward 4: Linda Kays Biviano, 90; William F. Loomis, 48. Total votes: 138.

City of Norwich Alderman Ward 6: Robert D. Jeffrey, 156. Total votes: 159.

Town of Afton Supervisor: John H. Lawrence, 440. Total votes: 440.

Town of Afton Clerk: Rosemarie A. Klatz, 447. Total votes: 447.

Town of Afton Justice: Pamela J. Wylubski, 367. Total votes: 480.

Town of Afton Councilman: Chris Warren, 413; Robert G. Tallmadge, 424. Total votes: 837.

Town of Afton Superintendent of Highways: Lynn C. Shultis, 435. Total votes: 437.

Town of Bainbridge Supervisor: Dolores Nabinger, 418. Total votes: 423.

Town of Bainbridge Clerk: Aric D. McKown, 467; Michele J. Heier, 146. Total votes: 614.

Town of Bainbridge Justice: T. Christopher Thurlby, 409; Mark R. Davis, 441. Total votes: 857.

Town of Bainbridge Councilman: Deborah K. Hromada, 404. Jennifer J. Sienko, 334. Total votes: 739.

Town of Bainbridge Superintendent of Highways: Gary R. Richman, 473. Total votes: 487.

Town of Columbus Supervisor: Thomas P. Grace, 131. Total votes: 132.

Town of Columbus Clerk: Brenda L. Weidman, 131. Total votes: 133.

Town of Columbus Councilman: Jane E. Projaska, 122; Diane P. Scalzo, 117. Total votes: 239.

Town of Columbus Superintendent of Highways: Robert F. Curtist, 78; Kevin D. Cross, 122. Total votes: 200.

Town of Coventry Supervisor: Marion L. Ireland, 214. Total votes: 221.

Town of Coventry Justice: Joseph J. Agunzo, 218. Total votes: 220.

Town of Coventry Councilman: Robert E. Boudreau, 206; John E. Wicks, Jr. 200. Total votes: 411.

Town of Coventry Superintendent of Highways: Richard M. Granger, Jr. 219. Total votes: 222.

Town of German Supervisor: Daniel S. Jack, 82. Total votes: 82.

Town of German Clerk: Ellen T. Maroney, 85. Total votes: 85.

Town of German Councilman: Donald C. Nogva, 85; Patricia L. Pittsley, 81. Total votes: 166.

Town of German Councilman (to fill two-year vacancy): Christopher Whitlock, 41; Edwin F. Zeeuw, 46. Total votes: 87*

Town of German Assessor: Jenny R. Jack, 83. Total votes: 83.

Town of German Superintendent of Highways: Robert A. Turshman, Sr., 79. Total votes: 79.

Town of Greene Supervisor: George G. Raymond, III, 798. Total votes: 799.

Town of Greene Councilman: Stephen L. Page, 386; Joseph M. Henninge, 606. Total votes: 994.

Town of Guilford Supervisor: George J. Seneck, 363. Total votes: 372.

Town of Guilford Clerk: Gail M. Hoffman, 499. Total votes: 500.

Town of Guilford Justice: Joan M. Kline, 474. Total votes: 478.

Town of Guilford Councilman: Thomas C. Ives, 451; Kenneth Fogarty, 272. Total votes: 923.

Town of Lincklaen Clerk: Mahaley M. Holl, 77. Total votes: 77.

Town of Lincklaen Councilman: Barry N. Monro, 72; Harold F. Baritell, 74. Total votes: 148.

Town of Lincklaen Proposition: 38 Yes; 43 No. Total votes: 81.

Town of McDonough Supervisor: Steven R. Ellsworth, 112; Arrington J. Canor, 138. Total votes: 250.

Town of McDonough Clerk: Amber Joy Naber, 121. Total votes: 121.

Town of McDonough Councilman: John F. Tracy, 151; Raymond E. Wakefield, Jr., 144; Corey Simpson, 146. Total votes: 442*

Town of McDonough Superintendent of Highways: Glen E. Naber, 215. Total votes: 217.

Town of New Berlin Supervisor: Robert T. Starr, 226. Total votes: 235.

Town of New Berlin Councilman: John F. Parks Jr., 198; Wendy Rifanburg, 195. Total votes: 398.

Town of North Norwich Supervisor: Robert E. Wansor 295. Total votes: 312.

Town of North Norwich Justice: Brian C.A. Swift, 171; James E. Mattot, 196. Total votes: 367.

Town of North Norwich Councilman: Timothy P. Jeffrey, 277; Dean R. Edwards, 264. Total votes: 561.

Town of North Norwich Councilman (to fill two-year vacancy): Wayne W. Thiel, 268. Total votes: 269.

Town of North Norwich Superintendent of Highways: Joseph M. Eldred, 250; Albert B. Rounds, 155. Total votes: 405.

Town of Norwich Supervisor: David J. Evans, 575. Total votes: 579.

Town of Norwich Clerk: Martha L. Vidler, 598. Total votes: 599.

Town of Norwich Councilman: Debra Cubbedge, 416; Stanley D. Foulds, 418; Barbara E. Collins, 400; David C. Law, 317. Total votes: 1,551*

Town of Norwich Sole Elected Assessor: Keith A. Reynolds, 562. Total votes: 564.

Town of Norwich Superintendent of Highways: Barry D. Christophersen, 628. Total votes: 628.

Town of Norwich Tax Collector: Theodore W. Guinn, 618. Total votes: 618.

Town of Otselic Supervisor: Marjorie L. Davis, 114; John A. Myers, 79. Total votes: 195.

Town of Otselic Clerk: Louise F. Perry, 191. Total votes: 191.

Town of Otselic Councilman: Jay C. Graham, 108; Eugene G. Wood, 111; William F. Waltz; 39; Brian S. DeLee, 136. Total votes: 394*

Town of Otselic Superintendent of Highways: Steven W. Forest, 181. Total votes: 184.

Town of Oxford Supervisor: Canice Geraldine Paliotta, 309; Lawrence N. Wilcox, 404.

Town of Oxford Clerk: James W. Hemstrought, Jr., 530. Total votes: 532.

Town of Oxford Justice: Susan F. Frye, 460. Total votes: 462.

Town of Oxford Councilman: John F. Knapp, 284; Ronald R. Charles, 471; John F. Hoffman, 476. Total votes: 1,232.

Town of Pharsalia Supervisor: Dennis O. Brown, 79. Total votes: 79.

Town of Pharsalia Clerk: Susie P. Granger, 81. Total votes: 81.

Town of Pharsalia Councilman: Loris E. Collier, 57; Arthur L. Grover, 78. Total votes: 137.

Town of Pharsalia Superintendent of Highways: Thomas M. Slate, 81. Total votes: 81.

Town of Pitcher Supervisor: Jeffrey B. Blanchard, 86. Total votes: 86.

Town of Pitcher Clerk: Emily R. Stith, 93. Total votes: 93.

Town of Pitcher Councilman: James L. Aiken, 87; Christopher P. Freeman, 82. Total votes: 171.

Town of Plymouth Supervisor: Grace A. Nucero-Alger, 238; Peter D. Marshall, 159. Total votes: 402.

Town of Pitcher Superintendent of Highways: Brad A. Hotaling, 87. Total votes: 89.

Town of Plymouth Councilman: Daniel F. Meyer, 268; Eric R. Jones, 141; Peter A. Hudiberg, 153; Jerry L. Kreiner, 188. Total votes: 783*

Town of Plymouth Superintendent of Highways: Donald Dan Webster, 172; Rodney Alan Oakley, 187; William P. Collar, 46. Total votes: 407*

Town of Preston Supervisor: Peter C. Flanagan, 126. Total votes: 127.

Town of Preston Clerk: Jennifer L. Funk, 140. Total votes: 140.

Town of Preston Councilman: Jonathan D. Dunckel, 130; Sherri L. Howe, 132. Total votes: 262.

Town of Preston Superintendent of Highways: Charles K. Stein, Sr., 132. Total votes: 132.

Town of Sherburne Supervisor; Charles A. Mastro, 497. Total votes: 499.

Town of Sherburne Clerk: Kathy S. McDaniel, 495; Robert H. Pinney, 120. Total votes: 615.

Town of Sherburne Justice: John R. Powell, 483; Kayphet Mavady, 458. Total votes: 941*

Town of Sherburne Councilman: Edwin T. Meyer, 481; David L. Wern, 441. Total votes: 922.

Town of Sherburne Superintendent of Highways: Chase M. Winton, 514. Total votes: 517.

Town of Smithville Supervisor: Fred J. Heisler, Jr., 242. Total votes: 244.

Town of Smithville Clerk: Alison B. Owens, 260. Total votes: 261.

Town of Smithville Councilman: Elizathbeth Vanderweyde, 100; Karl R. Ludwig, 202; BarbaraAnn L. Whitmore, 72; Michael S. Evans, 210. Total votes: 585.

Smithville Superintendent of Highways: Tracy C. Oliver 246. Total votes: 259.

Town of Smyrna Supervisor: Michael R. Khoury, 307. Total votes: 318.

Town of Smyrna Clerk: Geraldine W. Day, 345. Total votes: 345.

Town of Smyrna Justice: Robert S. Campbell, 272. Total votes: 272.

Town of Smyrna Councilman: Wayne C. Simmons 304; Mark E. Swayze, 135; Jesse J. Palmiter, 207; Thomas M. Tressler, 45. Total votes: 692.

Town of Smyrna Superintendent of Highways: Linn H. White, 157; Chris D. Cook, 208. Total votes: 366.

* indicates a tight race that could be swayed when absentee ballots and affidavits are unsealed on November 14.

– Grady Thompson, Sun Staff Writer

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