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A season of extremes

By Bob McNitt Unless you have some scorpion blood flowing through your veins, the past few Sahara-like midday temperatures made being ..

Sportfishing: From evolution to revolution

By Bob McNitt Sun Outdoors Writer A few weeks ago I got a call from a gentleman asking about an antique rod ..

The 'beast in the basement"

By Bob McNitt Two weeks have passed since much of our area was transformed into "Waterworld." While some flood-stricken victims may ..

The difference between good water and bad water

By Bob McNitt Outdoors Writer There’s the old saying that “if you get bucked off a horse, the best thing to do ..

The dangers of 'flood prevention'

By Bob McNitt Outdoors Writer The soggy events of recent days is a liquid reminder that nature can, at any time, inundate ..

Learning to live with bears

By Bob McNitt Outdoors Writer Earlier this week, Dr. Richard Jorgensen and his wife awoke at 5 a.m. to noises coming from ..

Will catch and release catch on?

By Bob McNitt Oudoors Columnist With bass and musky seasons opening this Saturday, it completes the open seasons for all game fish ..

Surf and turf opps abound in Oneida Lake area

By Bob McNitt Outdoors Columnist The middle of last month saw Oneida Lake "visited" by a large contingency of outdoor key-punchers (aka ..

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Nature, Not Calendars, Dictates Our Weather
Nature, not calendars, dictates our weather

Have The Saturday Deer Openers Lived Up To Expectations?
Have the Saturday deer openers lived up to expectations?

‘Global Warming’ Could Create Opposite Effect For Us
‘Global warming’ could create opposite effect for us

Lawsuit May Expose Nation’s Richest Animal Rights Outfit’s True Nature
Lawsuit may expose nation’s richest animal rights outfit’s true nature

Poor Outlook For Quality Upland Game Bird Hunting
Poor outlook for quality upland game bird hunting

The Difference Between Good Water And Bad Water
The difference between good water and bad water

DEC’s Arrogance Could Be Warning Of Things To Come
DEC’s arrogance could be warning of things to come

The Late Special Season Isn’t For Wimps
The late special season isn’t for wimps

When Will Our Lousy Weather End?
When will our lousy weather end?

Surf And Turf Opps Abound In Oneida Lake Area
Surf and turf opps abound in Oneida Lake area

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