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From wearing earth to earthen ware

“Weak” would be the term that I believe best describes us as a modern people. Our ancestors lived a life ..

Flashbacks in the field, part two

If you missed last week’s column, it was about the first few months of my dog’s life. It’s hard to ..

Flashbacks in the field

Hunting buddies don’t always pan out, but when they do, it’s for life. Losing a hunting buddy can be hard, ..

Saying goodbye is the hardest part

Pets are hard to lose. To have spent years training a work dog, and then he leaves you unexpectedly, you ..

Just below the surface

There are many times in life that a bit of foresight would be nice. Water, and stained water especially, can ..

Get your natural recharge but only when the time is right

With life’s ups and downs and the stresses of a hustle and bustle world weighing on you, the best way ..

Happy daddy day to me

Becoming a parent is said to be one of the most amazing experiences life has to offer. I feel that’s ..

Good parents protect the pack

Being a good parent means you are there to provide all of the necessities for your offspring to flourish. Animals ..

Mr. Fiks gets his fix

When it comes to lifetime dreams, fulfilling them can be a real challenge. If you are lucky, there is someone ..

Don’t fear the float

Water can be scary, while the unknown can be worse. It’s best to be prepared so you may be safe ..

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