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Bloomberg added to the mix

The Democratic Party is going into the next round of the presidential candidate selection process. After departing New Hampshire, what ..

Kopac; the family, not the pond

The best hiking trails in Central New York are within the state lands and forests. Nearly all of these lands ..

Where the heck is Galena, NY?

Perhaps you’ve seen that retired and modified school bus which drives all over central New York. The one with the ..

Tossing my hat into the ring

Assemblyman Cliff Crouch has made a decision not to seek reelection this fall. On Monday, he announced he was retiring ..

Think outside the box, he said

It is pancake breakfast season in Central New York. My past Saturday breakfast was at the New Berlin American Legion, ..

New York’s revolving door of justice

How many people took notice last week when Norwich Police Chief Rodney Marsh said at a city council meeting, “we ..

The 2020 Legislative term begins

Today in Albany, lawmakers are meeting for the first day of the New York State 2020 Legislative Session. State senators ..

New Year’s resolutions and predictions

At the stroke of midnight this morning, some people were still awake to say hello and welcome in a new ..

Psst, hey buddy, ya got 6 billion you can spare

A billion of anything is a difficult amount to comprehend. Since today we’re talking about dollars, to help visualize a ..

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