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Wind turbines on the horizon

On a trip to Sidney last week I noticed some new lawn signs had sprouted up at key intersections along ..

Unemployed diplomats looking for work

Remember back in 2017 when we all learned about the Logan Act? It’s the seldom heard of federal law from ..

Safety, fun, marksmanship, in that order

Imagine if high school football did not exist. However, a group of gridiron enthusiasts was trying to convince school boards ..

In valor there is hope

Today is Police Officer Memorial Day. Few people outside of law enforcement are aware this day of observance exists. This is ..

Protecting people by censoring words is never good

Not for a minute would I consider myself a journalist. At the top of this page is the title “Viewpoints”, ..

Please be nice to Uncle Joe Biden

There are famous people none of us will ever meet, but we all probably wonder what it would be like. ..

Has the last volunteer firefighter already been born

Have you ever in your life put aside your wants and desires for the needs of a stranger? Would you ..

Our newspaper is part of the community

Imagine yourself not physically well. This illness has gone on for some time, progressively getting worse. One morning you wake ..

Move along folks, nothing to see here

Our town is buzzing about a recent news article claiming the City of Norwich is ranked in the top 30 ..

NY State budget winners and losers

Last Sunday while nearly all New Yorkers were sound asleep, our elected officials in Albany toiled away all night into ..

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Has The Last Volunteer Firefighter Already Been Born
Has the last volunteer firefighter already been born

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All Things In Moderation
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