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The Norwich Police station turns 20

A Happy Anniversary is sent to the Norwich City Police, who have occupied 18 East Main Street for 20 years. ..

A rare summer session of the legislature

State lawmakers have returned to Albany for a rare summer session. When I say ‘return to Albany,’ some representatives are ..

A midnight ride more arduous than Paul Revere’s

Just as a DJ at a wedding reception or an AM radio host takes requests from listeners, this week's column ..

Focus your attention to the East

The Marine Corps is a tiny armed force compared to the Army, Navy, or Air Force. Because of its small ..

Include the police in police reform

Anyone who remembers watching wildlife or nature shows such as National Geographic or the Wild Kingdom should remember a frequently ..

Adventures close to home

A good friend of mine is on a trip to visit the Bad Lands and the Black Hills of South ..

What a time to graduate high school

What a time to graduate from high school. Not since the World War II years, has there been a more ..

Eliminate the police; be careful what you wish for

For years to come, one ignorant, murderous cop in Minneapolis has destroyed race relations and community trust in law enforcement. ..

School in September; the tipping point for normalcy

Last week was the first meeting between me and the prominent, energetic local sports broadcaster, Nate Lull of WCDO radio ..

A Memorial Day like none before

"There are three deaths: the first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is ..

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