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NH or 4X, what’s it all about?

Everyone needs at least one hobby. Others with more spare time on their hands might have a couple of favorite ..

Embrace our local agriculture

We are right in the middle of National Agriculture week, which runs from March 10 – 16, with tomorrow March ..

Always wrong no matter how legal

“Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should” has passed over the lips of parents trying to teach ..

The human lie detectors

Over the past week many conversations have revolved around Jussie Smollet and his interactions with the Chicago Police. More than ..

Random thoughts from the draft file

This is column number 80 since August 1, 2017. Each Wednesday, with one exception, there are usually 700 words strung ..

The Electoral College end around

The founders of our country and authors of our Constitution were some pretty sharp fellows. It took the writers about ..

New York's green energy conundrum

Recently a public notice appeared on municipal power giant Consolidated Edison’s webpage. The message they published is, “ gas connections ..

This cold weather is the worst. Or is it?

No matter how bad something is, remember: it could be worse. This old saying works in nearly every situation; people’s pay, ..

The end of cash bail in criminal courts

Last week the topic of this column was the future of town justice arraignments in local criminal courts. This week ..

The future of local justice courts

On Thursday of last week there was press conference at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office that was less than exciting. ..

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