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Tilting At Windmills: My Father’s Books - Encore

Years ago, I wrote about my father’s books, which were (and are) enthralling. I am bringing back that original column, ..

Tilting At Windmills: The Island of Lost Books - Encore

Since I am close to finishing a new novel and my mind lately has been loitering over other writers and ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Hummingbird Lady - Encore

I originally wrote this story many years ago, about a trip I took, and a memorable lady I met on ..

Tilting at Windmills: Dangerous Toys. Dangerous Joys. - Encore

As I wrote many years ago (and am bringing back today to entertain you), I once played with mercury. Yes. Mercury. So ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Case of the (Very) Large Shopping List

It was always great fun getting a new case at Charles G. King Associates, because there would be so much ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Case of the Small Shopping List

Although most of our clients at Charles G. King Associates were insurance companies, manufactures, or attorneys, to keep myself honest, ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Red Red Robin - Encore

Here is a vintage column I adapted for today, because I continue to be hopelessly in love with spring! As I ..

Tilting at Windmills: A Wordsmith Stands in Awe of Spring

In Honor of the Season – and the Merry Month of May – I am bringing back a favorite column ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Case of Multiple Motives

The Case of Multiple Motives A recent article about a “climate activist-Buddhist” burning himself to death ..

Tilting at Windmills: The Case of the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Oh me. Oh my. Someone is telling a lie! Or, at least, that’s what our insurance client suspected when she asked ..

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