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A heroine for our times

She has the high cheekbones and long, lean body of a fashion model. She has the eyes of a seeker ..

Nine planets. That’s right. Nine.

Quick. How many dwarfs are there and what are their names? Stick out your fingers and tally them off: Grumpy. ..

Eyes Right

Because I live only half a block from the parade route, over the years, I have witnessed many upon many ..

A terrorist by any other name ... Part II

Continued from last week’s column: Insurgents, my Webster’s Dictionary has advised, attack a “civil authority or an established government.” They attack ..

A terrorist by any other name ...

Twenty-three years ago, a violent anti-technology, anti-materialism, anti-government group that called itself MOVE embarked upon a campaign of terror that ..

Shave and a haircut ... two bits

On my way to brunch today, I walked past Joe’s Barbershop and, without thinking, gazed through the window. I had ..

Character sketches

It is a common misconception that all fictional characters are based on an author’s friends, foes, or family. In fact, ..

Not exactly Lassie

I got an interesting letter from my brother the other day. It started, “Everybody loves pet stories, and since very ..

A wordsmith stands in awe of spring

I was lying in my bed this morning, more accustomed to the distant din of traffic than anything that would ..

You be the fire investigator

Yesterday, I almost burned down our house. I was in my office doing my morning workout to the exercise video ..

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Jeff Genung is off to slay new dragons. Great Caesar’s Ghost!

Eyes Right
Eyes right

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The Nay-Sayers … Revisited

I Am Standing Behind You To Prevent Starvation!
I am standing behind you to prevent starvation!

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Tilting at Windmills: The REAL Language of Flowers

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Tilting at Windmills: Love Letters: Ballet Lessons - Encore