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Consumer protection a key Albany issue

By Sen. James Seward Every year I receive letters from constituents concerned about some aspect of deception in marketing. Many of ..

Not so fast on granting bail

By Senator James Seward Hold it Judge Judy – not so fast on the bail for that guy! Let’s be more ..

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Property Tax Still Heart Of The Issue
Property tax still heart of the issue

A Very Destructive Drug
A very destructive drug

Eminent Domain Not So Eminent
Eminent domain not so eminent

One For The Road Gets A Trooper For A Chaser
One for the road gets a trooper for a chaser

Consumer Protection A Key Albany Issue
Consumer protection a key Albany issue

New Laws To Save Taxpayers Money
New laws to save taxpayers money

Calling All Purple Heart Recipients
Calling all Purple Heart recipients

Not So Fast On Granting Bail
Not so fast on granting bail

Snowmobilers Bring A Flurry Of Business To Upstate NY
Snowmobilers bring a flurry of business to Upstate NY

New School Sport Is On Target
New school sport is on target