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Action continues in battle against covid-19

I want to start this week’s column with a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have reached out to me ..

New school sport is on target

This past week I spent time at a school sporting event in my district. There were proud parents and ..

Snowmobilers bring a flurry of business to Upstate NY

Winter has officially arrived and a number of winter outdoor sport seasons are set to begin. One of the most ..

Growing our farms from the ground up

Farming has served as the backbone of New York’s economy for generations, and in my senate district it is a ..

Seward seeks nominees for Veterans Hall of Fame

For generations, great men and women have answered our nation’s call, put on uniforms, and served to protect and advance ..

March is American Red Cross Month, a time to recognize the efforts of the professionals and volunteers who constitute the ..

The future of farming

As our world evolves and technological advances propel us forward at lightning speed, one constant remains – agriculture. No ..

Upstate ridesharing good for economy, environment, public safety

The New York State Senate recently passed legislation I authored that would give ride-sharing the green light in upstate. ..

Governor’s budget shortchanges farmers

As I mentioned in my column last week, work is underway in Albany to review the governor’s budget proposal, fine ..

Breaking down the state budget

A number of important issues are under discussion in Albany and development of the state budget is at the top ..

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Snowmobilers Bring A Flurry Of Business To Upstate NY
Snowmobilers bring a flurry of business to Upstate NY

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Action Continues In Battle Against Covid-19
Action continues in battle against covid-19

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