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What took them so long?

What took them so long? Since a video surfaced revealing Donald Trump's demeaning and despicable attitudes toward women, a raft of ..

A cure worse than the disease

One of the most important political events of the summer took place in a federal courtroom in Virginia last week. ..

Kicking furiously, heading for land

There actually is some good news in the world. As images of violence fill our tablets and TV screens -- ..

The Trump Brexit effect

The United States and Great Britain are suffering through an upsurge of hateful slights and slurs aimed at "others" -- ..

Suffocating in fact-free cocoons

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin were operating in a "fact-free cocoon" of partisan prejudice when they claimed that voter fraud was ..

Is Trump in the wrong country?

The evidence continues to mount: Donald Trump does not understand or respect the political system he seeks to lead. The ..

Two questions for Mr. Trump

Donald Trump attacks journalists who dare to ask him hard questions. Now, according to Bloomberg News, he's urging his supporters ..

The trap of history

History is usually a good guide for understanding elections. Even times of unease and upheaval don't repeal the basic laws ..

Sanders plays a dangerous game

Bernie Sanders is playing a selfish, dangerous game. He has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination -- none, zero, zilch. ..

Stopping Trump - now

Can Donald Trump be stopped short of the Republican nomination? Probably not. But the rational wing of the party has ..

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