Evening Sun Staff Profiles


Tyler Murphy
Managing Editor

1 Year at Evesun
Creating and enforcing deadlines.

Meagan Schulz
Sports Editor

1 Year at Evesun
Current Sports Editor here at The Evening Sun, providing our readers with the most up to date information on both local and national sports.

Grady Thompson
Staff Writer

2 Years at Evesun
As a staff writer and reporter, Grady covers the City of Norwich. He can be reached via email at gthompson@evesun.com or at (607) 337-3071.


Richard Snyder

40 Years at Evesun

Dick owns several companies including The Evening Sun & The Gazette, Sun Printing, Circulars Unlimited which produces advertising circulars for local and national companies; and three additional free paper divisions which publish seven Pennysaver and Shopper publications.


Russ Foote
Sales Manager

39 Years at Evesun
Russ is responsible for the sales and marketing of advertising in all nine publications owned by Snyder Communications.

Jill O'Hara
Advertising Consultant

Brad Carpenter
Advertising Consultant

7 Years at Evesun
Retail Advertising Consultant for The Evening Sun, Pennysaver's & Gazette

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