Black Bear Sighting Startles Norwich Residents
Published: July 8th, 2024
By: Anna Ginelli

Black bear sighting startles Norwich residents Scott Sutton’s home office camera captured a black bear on his property after his wife, Sharon Pelosi, witnessed the wild animal cross their yard on the evening of June 28. (Photo provided by Scott Sutton)

NORWICH – Scott Sutton and his wife, Sharon Pelosi, were surprised when they checked their home office security cameras and found the camera captured a black bear.

Pelosi was in the garden collecting chives for a recipe at their home on Canasawacta Street on the evening of June 28 when a large, dark figure romped across the lawn. Realizing what it was, she immediately called her husband.

Sutton raced home to look at the home office security footage, where he saw the bear on the screen. He immediately notified the police to share what he saw.

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Sutton said he had never witnessed any signs of bear activity before this instance, which made the bear encounter even more shocking.

“My wife and I were saying that we have vacationed to bear country in the past – like Yellowstone – but we didn’t realize we were living in it,” Sutton said.

Sutton said he shared photos and alerted neighbors about the sighting. In response, some who were away from home at the time asked Sutton to make sure their pets and young children were okay.


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