SNB Horseshoe Club: Fun Lovers Takes The Lead After Week Six
Published: June 12th, 2024

SOUTH NEW BERLIN – The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club wrapped up week six as of June 5 with Fun Lovers (Tim Lidell/Mike Grant) moving from third place to the top spot. With four wins on the week, they now have a record of 18.5-5.5 and take over first place by 1.5 games over Nomadic Addicts (Darla Smith/Sheryl Thurston).

There were also a bunch of ties throughout the standings. Many teams are tied with the same record, like in the third and fourth positions with Potter’s Tires and Prolifiq Sign Studio at 16.5-7.5. Potter’s Tires (Billy Schermerhorn/John Edwards) currently have more points than Prolilfiq Sign Studio (Tresta Smith/Kate Lloyd) with 3641 points compared to 3501. Webster Paving (Ed Webster/Bob Wells) rounds out the top five teams.

Dale Lund swept the men’s leaderboards as Jess Sherwood took both the high singles and high series for the women. Lund’s highest game was a 83 over Tim Lidell’s 73 and Lee Coon’s 69. Lund’s high series was a 231. Sherwood led the women’s high singles with a 57 as Kate Lloyd scored a 53 and Sheryl Thurston with a 50. Sherwood’s high series was a 150.

Smith and Lloyd’s Prolifiq Sign Studio also claimed three out of the top four team victories, but fell short of sweeping the boards in the high single handicap game with Potter’s Tires in first.

The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club meets every Wednesday night.

Full Standings as of June 5:

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1. Fun Lovers: Tim Lidell/Mike Grant-18.5-5.5, 3443 pts

2. Nomadic Addicts: Darla Smith/Sheryl Thurston-17-7, 3422 pts

3. Potter’s Tires: Billy Schermerhorn/John Edwards-16.5-7.5, 3641 pts

4. Prolifiq Sign Studio: Tresta Smith/Kate Lloyd-16.5-7.5, 3501 pts

5. Webster Paving: Ed Webster/Bob Wells-16-8, 3485 pts

6. Rustic Ridge: Ron Anderson/George Hanslmaier-16-8, 3479 pts

7. Roger’s Best Value Tire & Auto: Cindy Miller/Joe Miller-16-8, 3395 pts

8. Old Skool Lawnmower Repair & Service: Larry Shaw/Dan Raymond-13.5-10.5, 3372 pts

9. Lowe’s of Norwich: Julie Raymond/George Easler-13-11, 3348 pts

10. Kelly’s Flowers: Ed Kohler/Lee Coon-12-12, 3432 pts

11. Carpet Protectors: Brian Prentice/Josh Prentice-10-14, 3312 pts

12. Rolling M Stables: Jim Moffitt/Melvin Harvey-9-15, 3376 pts

13. Top Notch Timber: Keith Clark/Jim Bulger-9-15, 3276 pts

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14. Hub Cap Munchies: Robert Glover/Roger Chase-8-16, 3378 pts

15. The Nook Coffeehouse: Dave Robbins/Arne Pasanen-7-17, 3296 pts

16. Stafford Builders: Al Bush/Al Patten-6.5-13.5, 2850 pts

17. The Griswalds: Rob Rowlands/Lisa Rowlands-6.5-13.5, 2796 pts

18. Team 18: Randy Abrams/Rodney Abrams-1-7, 1158 pts

High Singles:


Dale Lund 83

Tim Lidell 73

Lee Coon 69


Jess Sherwood 57

Kate Lloyd 53

Sheryl Thurston 50


Prolifiq Sign Studio 125

Kelly’s Flowers & Potter’s Tires 118


Potter’s Tires 221

Kelly’s Flowers 210

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Prolifiq Sign Studio 207

High Series:


Dale Lund 231

Tim Lidell 203

Lee Coon & Ron Anderson 169


Jess Sherwood 150

Sheryl Thurston 140

Kate Lloyd 135


Prolifiq Sign Studio 366

Fun Lovers 332

Webster Paving 327


Prolifiq Sign Studio 612

Team 18 607

Webster Paving 606