SNB Horseshoe Club: Nomadic Addicts Becomes New Leader After Week Five
Published: June 6th, 2024

SOUTH NEW BERLIN – The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club wrapped up its fifth week on Wednesday, May 29 with several changes to the standings. Nomadic Addicts (Darla Smith and Sheryl Thurston) were tied for first with Webster Paving (Ed Webster and Bob Wells) after week four, but in week five, they won four games to reign first place all by themselves. Rustic Ridge (Ron Anderson and George Hanslmaier) are one game behind Nomadic Addicts with a 15-5 record in second place. Webster Paving moves down to the seventh spot in the standings.

Fun Lovers, Prolifiq Sign Studio, and Old Skool Lawnmower Repair & Service round out the top five teams with Prolifiq Sign Studio and Old Skool tied with a 13.5-6.5 record.

For the second straight week, Dale Lund swept the men’s leaderboards. He had a high singles game of a 78 and won the high series with a 213. Al Patten took second for both with a high singles of a 70 and a high series of a 186. Ed Webster finished third for high singles with a 65 as Lee Coon took third for high series with a 176.

Kate Lloyd swept the women’s leaderboards with a high singles game of a 55 as Jess Sherwood and Cindy Miller both tied with a 51. Lloyd scored a high series of a 142 with Sheryl Thurston in second (137) and Jess Sherwood in third (130).

Lloyd’s team, Prolifiq Sign Studio with partner Tresta Smith, won both the team high singles and team high series over Fun Lovers and Kelly’s Flowers. They lost out on the high series handicap as they took second to Potter’s Tires. Potter’s Tires (Billy Schermerhorn and John Edwards) won the high singles handicap with a 212 and took the victory in the high series handicap with a 626.

The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club meets every Wednesday night.

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Full Standings as of May 29:

1. Nomadic Addicts: Darla Smith/Sheryl Thurston-16-4, 2851 pts

2. Rustic Ridge: Ron Anderson/George Hanslmaier-15-5, 2929 pts

3. Fun Lovers: Tim Lidell/Mike Grant-14.5-5.5, 2844 pts

4. Prolifiq Sign Studio: Tresta Smith/Kate Lloyd-13.5-6.5, 2889 pts

5. Old Skool Lawnmower Repair & Service-13.5-6.5, 2820 pts

6. Roger’s Best Value Tire & Auto: Cindy Miller/Joe Miller-13-7, 2808 pts

7. Webster Paving: Ed Webster/Bob Wells-12-8, 2879 pts

8. Potter’s Tires: Billy Schermerhorn/John Edwards-10.5-5.5, 2396 pts

9. Lowe’s of Norwich: Julie Raymond/George Easler-9-11, 2785 pts

10. Carpet Protectors: Brian Prentice/Josh Prentice-9-11, 2779 pts

11. Hub Cap Munchies: Robert Glover/Roger Chase-8-12, 2837 pts

12. Kelly’s Flowers: Ed Kohler/Lee Coon-8-12, 2837 pts

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13. Top Notch Timber: Keith Clark/Jim Bulger-8-12, 2705 pts

14. The Nook Coffeehouse: Dave Robbins/Arne Pasanen-7-13, 2756 pts

15. Stafford Builders: Al Bush/Al Patten-6.5-9.5, 2322 pts

16. Rolling M Stables: Jim Moffitt/Melvin Harvey-5-11, 2238 pts

17. The Griswalds: Rob Rowlands/Lisa Rowlands-3.5-12.5, 2223 pts

18. Team 18: Randy Abrams/Rodney Abrams-0-4, 551 pts

High Singles:


Dale Lund 78

Al Patten 70

Ed Webster 65


Kate Lloyd 55

Jess Sherwood & Cindy Miller 51


Prolifiq Sign Studio 122

Kelly’s Flowers 109

Fun Lovers 107


Potter’s Tires 212

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Stafford Builders 210

Prolifiq Sign Studio 209

High Series:


Dale Lund 213

Al Patten 186

Lee Coon 176


Kate Lloyd 142

Sheryl Thurston 137

Jess Sherwood 130


Prolifiq Sign Studio 355

Fun Lovers 308

Kelly’s Flowers 306


Potter’s Tires 626

Prolifiq Sign Studio 616

Roger’s Best Value 599