Norwich City School District To Ban Student Cell Phone Use Next School Year
Published: June 5th, 2024
By: Kelli Miller

Norwich City School District to ban student cell phone use next school year The Norwich City School District is preparing for the use of the cell phone-free Yondr program in their upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Cell phones, earbuds, and smart watches will be locked in Yondr pouches at the beginning of each school day until dismissal. (Photo by Kelli Miller)

NORWICH — The Norwich City School District (NCSD) is preparing for the coming school year by introducing a phone-free program called Yondr, that will store student media devices from school arrival to dismissal.

Yondr pouches will be distributed and assigned to each student at the beginning of the 2024 school year, allowing a safe place for phones, earbuds, and smart watches to be securely locked during each school day. Although the pouches are school property, students will maintain possession of the pouch at all times.

“What we know to be true is that smartphones have created incredible dependency among students and adults,” said NCSD Superintendent Scott Ryan. “Our students are communicating predicted anxiety of not having constant access to their smartphones, which, is to be expected.”

“Moving to a phone-free environment will be an adjustment for our students,” said Ryan. “Yet, we are motivated to increase student engagement, improve academic performance, increase social connection, and enhance student safety and well-being.”

This system will transform grades 6 through 12 and reinforces educators will not compete with smartphones to maximize student academic engagement.

Ryan said social competence is a required skill in today’s workplace, and he feels it is their responsibility to consider their role in preparing students to be “future-ready.”

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He said they will also continue to gather student input throughout the process by engaging in conversations, providing feedback, and working with students to create a cell phone-free environment.


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