4-H Youth Experience 3D Printing
Published: May 16th, 2024
By: Kelli Miller

4-H youth experience 3D printing Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Natural Resource Educator Erica Clark and 4-H Instructor Patrick Ryan taught a three-part 3D printing series to 4-H youth. The 4-H group learned all about 3D printing and created their own designs, which can be entered into the county fair. (Submitted photo)

NORWICH — 4-H youth recently met for a three-part series on 3D printing and this week wrapped up the educational event with a lesson in scanning to print.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) 4-H Natural Resource Educator Erica Clark said the three-part series was held at CCE of Chenango County and the youth learned about 3D printing, filament, scanners and different printers.

“They even learned about real world applications of 3D printing and watched a video of a 3D printer making pancakes and another video on printing buildings out of concrete,” she said.

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Clark said they experienced the whole process, from designing something and then slicing it into a file that 3D printers can read, and then actually printing it out.

“The 4-H youth were from ages 9 to 12, and each individual designed small items like keychains, animals, a dairy goat cookie cutter, earrings, and various shaped objects,” she said.

Clark said the designs took between 15 minutes to an hour to finish, depending on the complexity of the object and were taken home to keep for themselves or to gift to family members.

“The 4-H designed and printed 3D objects can also be entered into the county fair,” she added.


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