Greene Bowlodrome Hosts Mixed Scratch Tournament
Published: April 3rd, 2024

Greene Bowlodrome hosts Mixed Scratch Tournament The top seeded Mixed Scratch Tournament competitors. Pictured left to right: Byron Miller (owner), Paul Sims, Brett McGowan, Jeff Maricle, Dave McGowan Jr., Corey Simpson (winner) and Sean Miller (owner). (Submitted Photo)

GREENE – With bowling season winding down, the last house tournament has finished at the Greene Bowlodrome. The Mixed Scratch Tournament was held March 23 with 21 bowlers participating. 

Corey Simpson defended his Mixed Scratch 2023 title by defeating first-seeded Brett McGowan 255-248.

In the roll-offs, fourth-seeded Dave McGowan Jr. was defeated by fifth-seeded Paul Sims 215-182. Paul then fell to third-seeded Jeff Maricle 215-185.

Jeff lost to Corey 236-21, which put Corey in the final against Brett McGowan. Corey held onto his 2023 title, making him the first with two consecutive titles at the Greene Bowlodrome.

Thank you to all who bowled and attended.

-Information from the Greene Bowlodrome