Country Gentlemen Tribute Band To Perform At The Bainbridge Town Hall Theatre
Published: February 20th, 2024

Country Gentlemen Tribute Band to perform at the Bainbridge Town Hall Theatre A Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, Darren Beachley (Dobro), David Propst (mandolin), Mike Phipps (guitar), Lynnwood Lunsford (banjo), Kyle Windbeck (bass) will perform at 7 p.m. at the Bainbridge Town Hall Theatre, 15 North Main Street, on Saturday, February 24. (Submitted photo)

BAINBRIDGE – Don’t miss bluegrass crowd-pleaser, The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, when they perform at 7 p.m. at the Bainbridge Town Hall Theatre, 15 North Main Street, on Saturday, February 24.

In 2005, Bill Yates, 20-plus year member of the Country Gentlemen, Darren Beachley and David Propst met at the Cabin Fever Picking Party in Hampton, VA. While there, they sang old and new Country Gentlemen songs. This led Bill Yates and friends to produce “A Tribute to the Country Gentlemen” which was released in December 2006 on the MasterShield Records label located out of Bridgewater, VA. It became an instant hit with fans, friends and fellow musicians alike, so much so that the band started touring. Bill Yates toured with and fronted the band for 9 years.

In 2015, Bill passed away from complications of cancer. He leaves behind a historic legacy of music, having the honor of previously performing with many bluegrass greats down through the years, such as Red Allen, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, but most importantly the Country Gentlemen.

The current lineup continuing to perform on stage includes Mike Phipps on guitar, "Charlie Waller" sound-alike vocals, David Propst on mandolin and vocals, Lynwood Lunsford on banjo and vocals, Kyle Windbeck on upright bass and Darren Beachley on dobro and vocals. This ensemble vows to continue to put its heart and soul into each performance, trying to satisfy that musical hunger for the multitude of Country Gentlemen fans that still fill this country; especially the ones that truly do miss Charlie Waller & Bill Yates.

The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band continues to perform as closely as possible the tunes from yester-year thought to be long lost for the ages, as they attempt to re-create each tune, vocally and musically, as it was originally presented and performed.

Come, see and hear the sound that is The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band at the Bainbridge Town Hall Theatre.

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Before the show, enjoy music played on the theatre’s residence organ built in 1933 and one of only five Æolian/Skinner residence organs ever built for upstate New York, and the only one known to be intact and in playable condition.

Popcorn, popped with real butter in their vintage 1940’s popcorn machine, is available, as well as home baked goods, freshly brewed coffee, soda and bottled water.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and all performances are open seating. Tickets are available at the door or you may reserve a ticket ahead by calling 607-288-3882.

For further information or to see future events visit In the art gallery that evening The art of Colette Aimée will be on display. The gallery is open at 6 p.m. before the show through intermission and is free to the public.