Chenango SPCA Provides Emergency Shelter To More Than 20 Animals
Published: February 6th, 2024

Chenango SPCA provides emergency shelter to more than 20 animals After a large amount of animals were surrendered on February 1 and 2, the Chenango SPCA provided emergency shelter to approximately 18 dogs, eight cats. ten rabbits, five guinea pigs, and one hamster. The Delaware Valley Humane Society and Susquehanna SPCA have stepped in to offer additional help, and are now providing shelter to some of the animals. (Submitted photo)

NORWICH — The Chenango SPCA was contacted by Deputy Chief Scott Burlison of the Norwich Police Department on the morning of February 1 to alert them that there was a situation unfolding in the City of Norwich that would likely result in a large number of animals needing shelter.

The animals in question were surrendered by their respective owners to the Norwich Police Department, who then transferred them into the care of shelters or Pet Street Station Animal Hospital, as described below:

That afternoon, ten dogs (including six puppies) and eight cats (including three kittens) had been brought to the Chenango SPCA, while a collection of rabbits (approximately ten) and guinea pigs (approximately four) were taken directly to Pet Street Station Animal Hospital, in Norwich.

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On February 2, an additional eight dogs, one guinea pig, and one hamster were recovered from the home and brought to the Chenango SPCA.

The emergency shelter needs of these animals are being addressed through the collaborative efforts of shelters from three counties: The Chenango SPCA in Chenango County, the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Delaware County, and the Susquehanna SPCA in Otsego County.

With the exception of one dog, whose condition required immediate medical attention at Pet Street Station Animal Hospital, all dogs recovered by Norwich Police were initially brought to the Chenango SPCA. Subsequently, some have been transferred to the Delaware Valley Humane Society (who took six dogs and five cats, in addition to all the rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters), and others to the Susquehanna SPCA (who took five dogs). The rest will remain in the care of Chenango SPCA until they are adopted.

Of the dogs received by the Chenango SPCA, some have been under-nourished, some have had minor injuries from outgrowing their collars, and some have had skin or eye infections. Several of the cats show signs of upper respiratory infection. Initial disease screenings and veterinary exams were still under way at the time of this release. Foster care needs will be determined in the future on the basis of veterinary and behavioral assessments.

“The Chenango SPCA is proud to have been able to help the Norwich Police Department find shelter for all these animals, and is extremely grateful for the collaboration and support of the Delaware Valley Humane Society, Susquehanna SPCA, and Pet Street Station Animal Hospital,” said Chenango SPCA Executive Director Patrick McLaughlin. “Animal cruelty situations of this scale can easily fill a shelter beyond capacity, so the participation of shelters from other counties is a necessary component to our ability to assist. Without their help, a situation like this would simply be beyond our ability to handle.”

A sudden, unplanned influx of animals, such as in this situation, forces a shelter to stretch its resources more thinly than usual. The animals recovered will all need proper food, disease tests, flea and tick treatments and preventives, and vaccines, and will also need to be spayed or neutered before they can be placed for adoption. On top of all that, their daily care is only possible because of the shelter’s well-trained and dedicated staff of animal care professionals, who will be putting in considerable extra effort to ensure that each of these animals receives the care and love it deserves.

Should any members of the public wish to support the efforts of the Chenango SPCA, donations can be sent to Chenango SPCA, 6160 County Rd. 32, Norwich, NY 13815 or made online at

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-Information provided by the Chenango SPCA