Applauding Student Mentors: Melissa 'Missy' Beers, Business Owner Of Teasers Hair And Nail Studio
Published: November 14th, 2023

Applauding Student Mentors: Melissa 'Missy' Beers, Business owner of Teasers Hair and Nail Studio (Submitted Photo)

In celebration of Mentorship Month throughout November, The Evening Sun will host a series of mentoring success stories twice each week from the Regional Mentoring Program at DCMO BOCES.

The program was funded by a federal Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant in November of 2022, administered by the Southern Tier 8 Regional Board. With help from Commerce Chenango and the Delaware and Otsego Chambers, the program connected 62 high school seniors, from 16 area school districts, with local mentors in the private and public sectors.

Melissa 'Missy' Beers

Business owner of Teasers Hair and Nail Studio

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When we think of Melissa “Missy” Beers one track record comes to mind, she goes beyond the call of duty.

Missy is the owner of Teasers Hair and Nail Studio in Norwich, New York. Only a few hours after we shared information about the mentoring program, she signed up to help.

The cosmetology program at DCMO BOCES relies on organizations like Teasers to mentor students to prepare for their certification. From that perspective, DCMO BOCES has been fortunate to count on Missy not just at a professional resource but also as a business consultant to the program.

Missy was awarded the 2021-22 Workbased Partner Recognition Award for her support of the work experience program. Among the many success stories is the experience with Kellie Hall who was a cosmetology student who found a wonderful coach in Missy. Not only Missy mentor her into the daily responsibilities of her job as a stylists, she helped her pass the test and today, she is an independent stylist working at Teasers with Missy side by side supporting her career development.

Missy was a popular person in the mentoring program and when we asked her to take additional mentees, she said “Yes of course. I have emailed both of them. I’m excited to start.” Her mentees expressed their total satisfaction and were excited to see her at the mentoring celebration day delivering their completion award.

The mentoring program will now be coordinated by Commerce Chenango, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and Otsego Chamber of Commerce. For more information on how to become a mentor, visit the chamber organizations’ website. For students’ access to mentoring services or to learn more about mentoring support, visit