AK Hosts 3 On 3 Youth Basketball Tournament
Published: November 13th, 2023
By: Morgan Golliver

AK hosts 3 on 3 Youth Basketball Tournament 1) The Tri-County Blackhawks, a fifth and sixth grade girls team from Sidney, made it to their brackets’ final but fell to a Maine-Endwell team. (Photo by Morgan Golliver) 2) Two third and fourth grade boys teams (Vestal vs YellowJackets) play each other on Court F in the AK 3 on 3 basketball tournament. (Photo by Morgan Golliver)

BINGHAMTON – After receiving a lot of community support upon her recovery, Anielle McEwan-Lomnicki (AK) and her family hosted a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Saturday held at the Binghamton Bulldogs Sports Complex. The Complex is home to the Binghamton Bulldogs, a semi-pro American Basketball Association team, where the Sidney student-athlete spends her time as the team’s student manager, where she helps out with keeping track of statistics.

Aside from hosting Bulldogs home games, the complex hosts a variety of events, such as other 3 on 3 tournaments and youth basketball trainings and camps.

“Parents deserve to watch their kids play and kids should be doing what they love,” AK said. “I decided to host this tournament to put two and two together and also as a way to give back to all those that supported me.”

AK also has dreams of becoming a ABA team owner, so she appreciates her time spent with the Bulldogs to gain such experience. Bulldogs’ games take place on Saturday nights with the season running from November to late February.

Jimmy Evans, the Binghamton Bulldogs team owner and the Executive Director of the Bulldogs Sports Complex, appreciated hosting this tournament as well as having such a close connection with the Lomnicki family.

“ I am very blessed to have a connection with the family, who comes out to all of our games,” Evans said. “It is very cool and special to be able to provide free basketball to the community.”

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AK’s 3 on 3 basketball tournament provided free team entries to all 30 teams competing. Out of the 30 teams, athletes ranged from local schools such as Sidney, Maine-Endwell, Unatego, Delhi, Windsor, Vestal, Oneonta, Chenango Forks, Sus Valley, etc. These teams were broken up by grade level with the youngest bracket of third and fourth grade boys and the oldest of seventh and eighth grade boys and girls separated into their own groups. Some teams were school based while others, such as the Twin Tier Elite, were AAU teams. AK was a member of the Twin Tiers AAU team, which features student-athletes around the Southern Tier. These teams competed in a double-elimination format with the winning teams receiving medals, following the bracket conclusion.

With such a great turnout and appreciation of this tournament, AK and her family hopes to continue on the tradition.