Voters Select Leaders In Norwich, Guilford, Greene, Otselic, Plymouth And McDonough
Published: November 8th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

Voters select leaders in Norwich, Guilford, Greene, Otselic, Plymouth and McDonough

CHENANGO COUNTY – On Tuesday, residents in Chenango County voted in local elections, with just a handful of ballots determining a number of the outcomes.

Following Tuesday night's voting, county and state election officials have released the unofficial results and current leaders. Though most, not all the votes have yet been counted including absentee and avadaits ballots, so final numbers will change.

Unofficial election results are based on the unofficial results reported to the state by each county board of elections and are posted as a convenience to the public.

It usually take about 25 days for all the ballots to be confirmed for a general election, as each county board must certify their local results. Any race within a 20 vote margin must be recounted by hand.

Chenango County District Attorney Michael Ferrarese was reelected with no other candidate running, receiving 5,242 votes.

Most of the local races in Chenango County only had one candidate, but not all.

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Contested on ballot

In a closely contested race in Norwich, common council incumbent City of Norwich Alderman for Ward 5 David M. Zieno received 83 votes, and former mayor and challenger, Joseph P. Maiurano, received 79. For City Alderperson of Ward 1 Eric J. Warren received 147 votes and Michael Hepfer 26.

Susan McIntyre is in the lead for Guilford Supervisor with 232 votes and will replace retiring supervisor George Seneck. Gilda P. Ward has 213 votes for the office.

Bernard E. McDermott is the lead for Greene Town Supervisor with 517 votes, candidate Stephen Page received 448 votes.

Majorie Davis leads the race Otselic Town Supervisor, after receiving 107 votes, while Michael Foor-Pessin had 96 votes.

McDonough Supervisor Raymond E. Wakefield, Jr. may win another term with 104 ballots in his favor. Timothy O'Brien has 72.

Patty Murray likely won the race for Plymouth Supervisor with 250 votes. Garry James received 73.

Other contested elections:

New Berlin Town Council (Vote for 2): Roy R. Stockwell: 182; Sarah L. Wales-Wright: 179; April Christian: 77.

Plymouth Town Council (Vote for 2): Frank Williams: 205; Ray Elsworth: 224; Thomas Prisco: 85.

Otselic Council (Vote for 2): Allison Miller: 173; Jay Graham: 115; Stacie Morse: 87

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Preston Town Councilmember (Vote for 2): Scott A. Howe: 141; Jessie A. Howe: 118; Cheryl Sheldon: 88; Andrea Macintosh: 77. Eillen Gyles Andrews was elected to fill a vacancy.

Plymouth Superintendent of Highways: Louis Redenback: 298; Christopher Strain: 42.

German Council (Vote for 2): Robert Vanwagenen: 37; Bruce Coleman: 29; Kimberly Marie G. Simpson: 48; Christine White: 54.

Uncontested on ballot

Afton: John Lawrence as Supervisor, Calvin Tallmadge to the Afton Town Council.


Dolores Nabinger as Bainbridge Supervisor; D. Gordon Daniels and Robert Evans to the Bainbridge Town Council.

Columbus: Diane Scalzo reelected as Columbus Town Supervisor; Elizabeth Vermeulen as Town Clerk; Michael B. Anson as Town Justice; Kevin D. Cross as Superintendent of Highways.

Coventry Cammie Wyckoff as Coventry Supervisor; Theresa Schultheis as Town Clerk; George Broeg and Greg Miller for Coventry Council; Richard Granger, Jr. as Superintendent of Highways.

German: Patricia Pittsley as German Supervisor; Ellen T. Maroney as Town Clerk; Amanda Orr to German Council to fill vacancy; Stephen J. Collins, Lisa Teichert and Tiffany Kerns as German Assessors; Robert Turshman, Sr. as Superintendent of Highways.

Greene: Mary C. Wrench as Greene Town Clerk; Stephen J. Northrup and Karman Harrington for Greene Council.

Guilford: Jodie M. Ives as Clerk; Terence L. Ives and Jordan D. Fleming fro Guilford Town Council;

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Lincklaen: Sharon Monro as Lincklaen Town Supervisor; Diana Kilfeather as Town Clerk; Christopher Davis as Lincklaen Town Justice; Wayne Outwater and Patrick Holl and for Lincklaen Town Council; Barry Monro as Superintendent of Highways

McDonough: Shirley R. Cook as McDonough Town Clerk; Penny L. Beckwithand Jonathan C. Carey for Town Council; Todd Tefft as Superintendent of Highways

New Berlin: Wendy Rifanburg as New Berlin Town Supervisor; Deborah A. Barker as Town Clerk; Karen N. McKie as Lincklaen Town Justice;

North Norwich: Robert E. Wansor as North Norwich Town Supervisor; Loretta L. Smith as North Norwich Town Clerk; Joseph F. Santiago and Elton J. Proskine for Town Council; Joseph M. Eldred as Superintendent of Highways

City of Norwich: City of Norwich Mayor Brian J. Doliver received 651 votes; Nancy Allaire to City Council; City of Norwich Supervisor for Wards 1,2,3: James J. McNeil; City of Norwich Supervisor for Wards 4,5,6: Robert M. Jeffrey .

Norwich: Stanley D. Foulds as Norwich Town Supervisor; Amy A. Winton as Norwich Town Clerk; James A. Fox as Town Justice; Michael A. Gibbon, Larry J. Monahan and David A. Mack for Town Council; Keith A. Reynolds as Sole Elected Assessor ;Barry D. Christophersen as Superintendent of Highways, Theodore W. Guinn as Norwich Town Tax Collector

Otselic: Erin Graham as Otselic Town Clerk; Erika Swayze as Town Justice; Steven W. Forrest as Superintendent of Highways.

Oxford: Alan D. Davis as Town Supervisor; Tammy Dilfer as Town Clerk; John V. Weidman and Carl Koenig to Town Council.

Pharsalia: Jeremiah Micklas as Pharsalia Supervisor, Gerald Norris as Town Clerk; Carolyn Powell as Town Justice; Darin Smith and Kenneth Granger to Town Council; Thomas Slate as Superintendent of Highways.

Pitcher: Jeff Blanchard as Pitcher Dave Cruikshank as Town Justice; Bruce Hakes and Alan Stith to Town Council.

Plymouth: Virginia E. Brown as Clerk; John E. Marvin a Town Justice.

Preston: Zachary W. Meseck as Preston Town Supervisor; Daniel L. Franklin as Superintendent of Highways.

Sherburne: Charles A. Mastro as Supervisor; Glen C. Bagnall and Rowena R. Krum to Council. Denise Boise, Robert Ferris, Karen Ritchey to Library Trustee.

Smithville: John J. Cammarata as Supervisor; Philip V. Montelione as Clerk; Robert M. Whitmore and Frederick J. Heisler, Jr. to Town Council; Vincent P. Witkowski as Superintendent of Highways.

Smyrna: Michael R. Khoury as Smyrna Supervisor; Geraldine W. Day as Clerk; Christopher D. Cook as Highway Superintendent.