Voters Cast Their Ballots In Local Elections
Published: November 7th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

CHENANGO COUNTY – Today voters in Chenango County will cast ballots in local elections.

"We always encourage people to come out and vote," Chenango County Republican Election Commissioner Mary Lou Monahan said. "Any voter in Chenango County is welcome to come."

All unregistered voters had until Saturday, October 28 to register to vote in early voting or the November 7, General Election. If you have not registered you may be able to vote by affidavit or court order. A judge will be on standby.

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Monahan explained poll sites are neutral sites and no talking of politics is allowed and no electioneering permitted within 100 feet of a polling site.

The workers are a bi-partisan team set in place to support anyone in need of help, questions or direction. From name and address check in; to verification of signature to showing voters to privacy booths; it's a politically neutral welcoming environment.

“Poll workers are compensated for a passing grade on the annual open-book certification test. Poll workers are also compensated for full and half days at the polling sites,” said Monahan.

Workers had to learn how to operate newly updated voting machines recently implemented by the county.

Monahan said the entire fleet of voting machines was replaced with new models thanks to grant funding and approximately two years of planning by the Chenango County Board of Elections.

"We knew we were going to have to make a change because our voting machines, our prior voting machines, were 14 years old this year. So we really knew when they turned 10, 11 years old and as we started to have more maintenance on them, we knew we really needed to just make a decision," said Monahan.

The new machines had to go through a lengthy certification process by New York State.

She also noted, there are no voting sites at the county office building. Every year many people turn up looking for polling stations.

The City of Norwich and the Town of German also have some additional changes coming this voting season. Both municipalities will be introducing new polling sites this year.

The City of Norwich has moved their polling site from St. Bartholomew’s Parish Center to the Community Room at the Guernsey Memorial Library, located at 3 Court Street in Norwich.

The Town of German polling site will move from the Smithville Fire Department and return to the German Town Hall, located at 206 County Road 5 in McDonough

Chenango County 2023 General Election:

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Names reported on ballot by the Chenango County Board of Election

State and County:

State Supreme Court Justice, 6th Judicial District D: Deirdre Hey; Cheryl Insinga

District Attorney: Michael Ferrarese

City of Norwich

City of Norwich Mayor: Brian J. Doliver

Supervisor Wards 1, 2, 3: James J. McNeil

Alderperson Ward 1: Eric J. Warren; Michael Hepfer

Alderperson Ward 3: Nancy Allaire

Supervisor Wards 4, 5, 6: Robert M. Jeffrey

Alderperson Ward 5: David M. Zieno; Joseph P. Maiurano

Afton Supervisor: John Lawrence

Councilmember: Jamie Baciuska; Calvin Tallmadge


Bainbridge Supervisor: Dolores Nabinger

Councilmember: D. Gordon Daniels; Robert Evans

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Columbus Supervisor: Diane Scalzo

Town Clerk: Elizabeth A. Vermeulen

Town Justice: Michael B. Anson

Councilmember: No one on ballot reported

Superintendent of Highways: Kevin D. Cross


Coventry Supervisor: Cammie Wyckoff

Town Clerk: Theresa A. Schultheis

Councilmember: George Broeg; Greg Miller

Superintendent of Highways:: Richard Granger, Jr.


German Supervisor: Patricia Pittsley

Town Clerk: Ellen T. Maroney

Town Justice: No one on ballot reported

Councilmember: Robert Vanwagenen

Bruce Coleman; Kimberly Marie G. Simpson; Christine White

Councilmember To Fill Vacancy: Amanda Orr

Assessor: Stephen J. Collins; Lisa Teichert

Assessor To Fill Vacancy: Tiffany Kerns

Superintendent Of Highways: Robert Turshman, Sr.


Greene Supervisor: Stephen Page; Bernard E. Mcdermott

Town Clerk: Mary C. Wrench

Councilmember: Stephen J. Northrup; Karman Harrington


Guilford Supervisor: Susan Mcintyre; Gilda P. Ward

Thomas Daniel Quiter

Town Clerk: Jodie M. Ives

Councilmember: Terence L. Ives;Jordan D. Fleming


Lincklaen Supervisor: Sharon Monro

Town Clerk To Fill Vacancy: Diana Kilfeather

Town Justice: Christopher Davis

Councilmember: Wayne Outwater; Patrick Holl

Superintendent Of Highways: Barry Monro

Ballot Proposition No. 1: “Shall local law no. 1 of 2023, entitled, 'Change from elected town highway superintendent to an appointed highway superintendent and the term of office of appointed highway superintendent will be a two-year appointment commencing January 1, 2024, be adopted.'”


McDonough Supervisor: Raymond E. Wakefield, Jr.; Timothy O’brien

Town Clerk: Shirley R. Cook

Councilmember: Penny L. Beckwith; Jonathan C. Carey

Superintendent of Highways: Todd Tefft

Ballot Proposition No. 1

“do you wish Town of McDonough to bond $2 million for Pike Road repair project? Yes or No”

New Berlin

New Berlin Supervisor: Wendy Rifanburg

Town Clerk: Deborah A. Barker

Town Justice: Karen N. Mckie

Councilmember: Roy R. Stockwell; Sarah L. Wales-Wright; April Christian

Ballot Proposition No. 1

“Shall the town of New Berlin, New York be authorized to conduct and regulate the operation of bingo games within its jurisdiction, subject to applicable laws and regulations?”

North Norwich

North Norwich Supervisor: Robert E Wansor

Town Clerk: Loretta L. Smith

Councilmember: Joseph F. Santiago; Elton J. Proskine

Superintendent of Highways: Joseph M. Eldred


Norwich Town Supervisor: Stanley D. Foulds

Town Clerk: Amy A. Winton

Town Justice: James A. Fox

Councilmember: Michael A. Gibbon; Larry J. Monahan

Council to fill vacancy: David A. Mack

Sole Elected Assessor: Keith A. Reynolds

Superintendent of Highways: Barry D. Christophersen

Tax Collector: Theodore W. Guinn


Otselic Supervisor: Michael Foor-Pessin; Marjorie Davis

Town Clerk: Erin Graham

Town Justice: Erika Swayze

Councilmember: Allison Miller; Stacie Morse; Jay Graham

Superintendent of Highways: Steven Forrest


Oxford Supervisor: Alan D. Davis

Town Clerk: Tammy Dilfer

Councilmember: John V. Weidman; Carl Koenig


Pharsalia Supervisor: Jeremiah Micklas

Town Clerk: Gerald Norris

Town Justice: Carolyn Powell

Councilmembers: Darin Smith; Kenneth Granger

Superintendent of Highways: Thomas Slate


Pitcher Supervisor: Jeff Blanchard

Town Justice: Dave Cruikshank

Councilmember: Bruce Hakes; Alan Stith


Plymouth Supervisor: Patty Murray; Garry James

Town Clerk: Virginia E. Brown

Town Justice: John E. Marvin

Councilmember: Frank Williams; Ray Elsworth; Thomas Prisco

Superintendent of Highways: Louis Redenback; Christopher Strain


Preston Supervisor: Zachary W. Meseck

Town Clerk: Jennifer L. Funk

Councilmember: Andrea Macintosh; Cheryl Sheldon; Scott A Howe; Jessie A. Howe

Councilmember to fill vacancy: Eillen Gyles Andrews

Superintendent of Highways: Daniel L. Franklin


Sherburne Supervisor: Charles A. Mastro

Councilmember:: Glen C. Bagnall; Rowena R. Krum

Library Trustee: Denise Boise; Robert Ferris; Karen Ritchey


Smithville Supervisor: John J. Cammarata

Town Clerk: Philip V. Montelione

Councilmember: Robert M. Whitmore; Frederick J. Heisler, Jr.

Superintendent of Highways: Vincent P. Witkowski


Smyrna Supervisor: Michael R. Khoury

Town Clerk: Geraldine W. Day

Councilmember: Gerrad J. Burrs; Ernest F. Schraft

Superintendent of Highways: Christopher D. Cook

New York State

New York State Proposal No. 1: Removal of Small City School Districts From Special Constitutional Debt Limitation: The proposed amendment to Article 8, section 4 of the Constitution removes the special constitutional debt limitation now placed on small city school districts, so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

New York State Proposal No. 2 -

Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit: The proposed amendment to Article 8, section 5 of the Constitution extends for ten years the authority of counties, cities, towns, and villages to remove from their constitutional debt limits debt for the construction of sewage facilities. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?