New Berlin EMS Vehicle Is Down And Funding Faces Challenges
Published: October 25th, 2023
By: Kelli Miller

New Berlin EMS vehicle is down and funding faces challenges New Berlin Medic Randy Brundage, Ambulance Driver Michael Todd, New Berlin Village Mayor Peter Lennon, Columbus Supervisor Diane Scalzo and another representative met in February of this year to hand over the $51,000 in combined funds to help upgrade the New Berlin Ambulance. Recently officials announced the service is facing a serious short fall. (Photo by Tyler Murphy)

NEW BERLIN – The vehicle used by the Village of New Berlin’s Ambulance Service was experiencing mechanical issues and while repairs are being assessed and made, the vehicle has been placed on temporary out of service status.

According to The Village of New Berlin Mayor Peter Lennon, residents and neighbors in the New Berlin area will likely receive Emergency Medical Service (EMS) support from South New Berlin, Sherburne, Norwich, or Chenango County EMS and neighbors in Otsego County service area will likely be provided EMS by Edmeston or Otsego County EMS.

On Thursday, October 26, The Village of New Berlin Board of Trustees will meet to review a few of the vehicle candidates to replace the current out of service ambulance and hope to make a decision to move forward.

Lennon said, “A couple of the ambulance drivers will be at the meeting as they went out and viewed the possible candidates and will brief us of what they found. We’ll be going through the normal procurement process.”

Lennon said, “We’re in a position where we need a rig to continue to have a revenue stream to support the operation. Unfortunately, so many costs have gone up, just the same as any commercial vehicle or private car and the market is challenging.”


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