Is It Now Harder To Buy A Bullet Than A Gun In NY?
Published: September 15th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

Is it now harder to buy a bullet than a gun in NY? Mayhood's Sporting Goods owner Mike Mayhood helps a customer at his store in Norwich. As of Wednesday, new state laws went into effect changing how firearms and ammunition are purchased. (Photo by Tyler Murphy)

NEW YORK STATE – Is it now harder to buy a bullet in New York State than it is to buy a gun?

On Wednesday, September 13, new laws went into effect changing how firearms and ammunition are purchased in the state. New York has added the state police to the process, along with fees and data collection on buyers.

Before Wednesday, buying ammunition in New York State required a buyer to prove they were over the age of 18 with official identification. No background check was conducted or personal data collected.

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As of Wednesday, buying ammunition in NY requires the following: full name, social security number, date of birth, race, gender, an active email, license number, home address, occupation, quantity of ammunition being purchased, caliber, the individual serial numbers on the products being sold, and more. Every ammunition background check will also require a $2.50 fee, approved or not.

Also before the law went into effect on Wednesday the federal government provided firearm background checks directly to licensed stores and customers for free.

State police now analyze and pass the information to the federal government and can block the transactions. NY will also add a $9 fee for gun background checks going forward.

Unlike the NY ammo background check, purchasing a gun through a federal background check does not require a social security number or email.


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