Women And Girls' Shooting Clinic To Be Held In Greene
Published: July 13th, 2023
By: Kelli Miller

Women and girls' shooting clinic to be held in Greene The Greene Rod and Gun Club will hold a women and girl pistol shooting clinic from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m on August 5 at 350 Foster Hill Road in Greene. (Submitted photo)

GREENE - The Greene Rod and Gun Club will hold a women and girl only instructional shooting clinic from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on August 5 at 350 Foster Hill Road in Greene.

Women of all ages and girls ages 12-17 (accompanied by a woman 21+) can participate, no matter what level of experience.

Teaching the firearms education clinic will be chief firearms instructor Jackie Emslie, who specializes in women’s firearm instruction.

Emslie said during the morning classroom session, students learn how to load, fire, and unload both rifles and handguns. Safe gun handling skills, fundamentals of marksmanship, ammunition basics, and proper gun storage and cleaning will also be taught.

“During range time, students practice what they have learned under close supervision and guidance from range coaches. The coaches are very supportive of this learning process,” she added.

Participants will be shooting rifles; no permit required. Those with pistol licenses or those are between 14-20 years old can shoot handguns, keeping within NYS firearm laws.

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“The targets are specifically designed so they cannot be scored. The clinic’s emphasis is on safety and responsible firearms and usage,” she said.

Emslie said she has been shooting since 1990 and took her first course “Women’s Firearm Seminar” at a local gun club. After spending time in the classroom, they headed to the range.

“ I fired a gun for the first time and was completely hooked,” she said.

Emslie went on to finish her masters degree but wanted to take up shooting on a more regular basis. She found out the seminar she previously had been in was in danger of being discontinued so she spoke with leadership of the gun club and asked to take it over.

“From 1997 to 2003 I conducted two per year and in 2001 I conducted the first Women On Target clinic in New York State. Since then, I have coordinated at least 100 clinics for over 1500 women throughout the state,” she added.

Emslie explained that any woman or girl living with a firearm in the home should take a clinic or course to at least become familiar with safe and responsible firearms possession, usage, and ownership.

“Firearms are a wonderful recreational pastime, requiring focus and concentration on safety and shooting fundamentals,” she said. “ Many women explore firearms as a means of personal protection and self defense. She knows she is responsible for her own defense, and a firearm could make a difference when faced with a threat.”

“When it comes to women’s empowerment, a firearm can be a great equalizer,” said Emslie.

Emslie explained every day in the United States, millions of children peacefully coexist with tens of millions of firearms in the home without incident. The reason for this success is that adults accept the responsibility, take necessary precautions and clearly communicate with children about what firearms can do if used incorrectly. Simply hiding a gun and hoping a child does not find it is not an option.

Registration is $40 and includes safety class, on-range firearms coaching, ammunition, targets, use of .22 rifles and handguns (if eligible) safety equipment, continental breakfast, and lunch.

Pre-registration is required by July 24 and space is limited.

For more information and registration form call or text Jackie at 914-475-4901 or email  jackieEmslieUSA@gmail.com

Sponsored by Women On Target and The NRA Foundation.