Team 15 Leads SNB Horseshoes Club After Week Four
Published: June 2nd, 2023
By: Morgan Golliver

NEW BERLIN - After the fourth week of play, The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club’s leaderboards were changed around, where they saw some new teams step into the top five. Angela’s Drunks with Rhythm, who stood in first place last week have now moved to fifth place while Team 15 won all four games to stand tall with the best 13-3 record. Rustic Ridge, Potter’s Tires, and Baillie Lumber also move into the top four spots of the standings after a great week of play.

The men were led by Dale Lund, Ed Kohler, and Lee Coon. Lund, who is proud to have led his Rustic Ridge to second place this week, finished on top of the men’s high singles and high series with Kohler and Coon behind him. Lund and Kohler tied with a best singles game of 81 while Lund and Coon tied in the high series with a 217. Coon and Kohler’s Kelly’s Flowers earned both the team high singles and series victories while Tim Lidell and Mike Grant’s Baillie Lumber swept the team handicap singles and series.

For the women, Kate Lloyd led both the high singles and high series with Cindy Miller and Tresta Smith behind her. Lloyd had an 82 for high game and finished with a 231 high series.

The South New Berlin Horseshoe Club meets every Wednesday night.

Full Standings:
1. Team 15- John Grossmann/ Christopher Delfino-13-3, 528 points

2. Rustic Ridge- Ron Anderson/Dale Lund- 11.5-4.5, 1591 points

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3. Potter’s Tires- Billy Schermerhorn/John Edwards-10-6,1283 points

4. Baillie Lumber- Tim Lidell/Mike Grant-9-7,1347 points

5. Angela’s Drunks with Rhythm- Rob Rowlands/Lisa Rowlands-9-7, 489 points

6. Prolifiq Sign Studio- Tresta Smith/Kate Lloyd-8.5-7.5,1160 points

7.Roger’s Best Value Tire & Auto- Cindy Miller/Joe Miller-8-8,1103 points

8. Carey’s AG Spreader Service- Darla Smith/Sheryl Thurston- 8-4, 442 points

9. Rolling M. Stables-Jim Moffitt/Melvin Harvey- 8-0, 211 points

10. Kelly’s Flowers- Ed Kohler/Lee Coon- 7.5-8.5,1570 points

11. Stafford Builders- Al Bush/Al Patten- 6.5-5.5,976 points

12.Carpet Protectors- Brian Prentice/Josh Prentice-6-10,777 points

13. Lloyd’s BBQ- George Hanslmaier/Jared Hanslmaier-4-12, 822 points

14. Webster Paving- Ed Webster/Bob Wells- 2.5-13.5,1149 points

15. Carpet Plus Color Tile- Roger Chase/Robert Glover-1-11, 485 points

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Men’s High Singles:

Dale Lund-81

Ed Kohler-81

Lee Coon-80

Men’s High Series:
Dale Lund-217

Lee Coon-217

Ed Kohler-210

Women’s High Singles:

Kate Lloyd-82

Cindy Miller-55

Tresta Smith-33

Women’s High Series:
Kate Lloyd-231

Cindy Miller-147

Tresta Smith-92

Team High Singles:
Kelly’s Flowers-161

Rustic Ridge & Baillie Lumber-145

Team High Series:
Kelly’s Flowers-427

Rustic Ridge-396

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Baillie Lumber-376

Team Handicap Singles:
Baillie Lumber-228

Kelly’s Flowers-226

Team 15-211

Team Handicap Series:

Baillie Lumber-625

Kelly’s Flowers-622

Team 15-615