Norwich Police Officer Collapses After Being Exposed To Fentanyl
Published: May 10th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

Norwich police officer collapses after being exposed to Fentanyl A fatal dose of Fentanyl compared to a penny according to the DEA. A City of Norwich police officer collapsed last week after being exposed to Fentanyl during a drug arrest. (Photo from

NORWICH – Following a drug arrest on Friday a Norwich Police Officer was accidentally exposed to fentanyl and collapsed.

Norwich police reported seizing a quantity of drugs from an arrest on May 5, and while chemically testing the drugs, the officer was exposed to fentanyl.

“This officer was wearing protective latex gloves and using the approved protocols to test the seized drugs. While conducting the chemical test, the fentanyl substance became airborne, and the officer had to be Narcaned after becoming unresponsive and falling to the floor,” said Norwich Police Chief Reuben Roach.

Fellow officers administered Narcan and rushed the person to UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. The officer was treated at the emergency room for several hours and eventually released to family members.

“Following this incident, we will be looking at different ways to test these substances, and to ensure that our officers are safe and protected. This situation could have ended very differently and we’re lucky to have had Narcan on hand, and an emergency room staffed with highly trained professionals so close,” said Chief Roach.

The Norwich Police Department said testing verified the mixture contained methamphetamine and fentanyl. The investigation is ongoing.