Where To Find Help For Domestic Violence In Chenango County
Published: April 24th, 2023
By: Kelli Miller

NORWICH — Domestic abuse is a pattern of behavior that is used to hurt, terrorize, manipulate, or gain control over another person.

Liberty Resources Help Restore Hope Center Program became a designated provider for domestic violence and sexual assault services for adults in Chenango County in 2015 and is located at 21 Eaton Avenue in the Eaton Center building in Norwich.

They offer crisis services and provide intervention with response and stabilization for adults and families in the home, community, or at one of their crisis residence. The Liberty team consists of licensed and qualified providers and specialists that provide intervention with mental health, substance use, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

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Liberty Resources Program Supervisor Kristin Hinrichsen said, “Our primary goal for the community is education and awareness regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide outreach and training for the community to assist in achieving these goals as needed.”

“Our primary goal for individuals experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault is their safety. One of the main challenges we face is having enough housing available to meet the needs of the community. Individuals seeking housing may need to wait several months before housing becomes available,” Hinrichsen added.

Hinrichsen explained the patterns and dynamics in an abusive relationship are often complex and can impact whether or not an individual is able to make changes to their situation. Changing these patterns is not always easy as domestic violence is about power and control. Domestic violence often impacts multiple aspects of a person’s life such as their mental and physical health, relationships with friends and family, their career, and their economic well-being.

Catholic Charities of Chenango County is a private non-profit agency serving the residents of Chenango County since 1970 and located at 3 O'Hara Drive in Norwich. They serve the neediest and most vulnerable in the county, providing programs for individuals affected by issues of poverty, abuse, and mental health needs and promote justice for the underserved to effect change in society, giving a voice to those that have gone unheard.

They also guide victims through family and or criminal court systems, obtain temporary order of protection, support in finding legal and medical assistance, accompany family to court and social services, offer weekly support groups and provide information on Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Dating Violence.

The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services website has domestic violence victim data reported by county for 2021. The data for Chenango County has intimate partner (female victim) with 143 reports, intimate partner (male victim) with 42 reports, other family victim with 68 reports, for a total of 253 reports. These reports include aggravated assault, simple assault, sexual offense, and the violation of an order or protection.

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and Family Violence overview sites that many victims of domestic violence do not view themselves as a victim. Law enforcement personnel, child and family services professionals, community leaders, educators, coaches, and family members play a critical role in identifying, intervening, and providing treatment in domestic violence cases.

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For Domestic Violence support or information contact the following:

Chenango County Liberty Resources Help Restore Hope Center at 607-334-7779 call the 24-hour hotline at 1-855-966-9723.

Catholic Charities at 607-334-8244 or visit their website at ccofcc.com.

Domestic Violence support information:

Chenango County Liberty Resources Help Restore Hope Center: 607-334-7779

Domestic Violence: 24-hour hotline at 1-855-966-9723

Chenango County Catholic Charities: 607-334-8244 or online at www.ccofcc.com.