Large Unknown Explosion In Oxford Area Shakes Homes And Alarms Residents
Published: March 30th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

OXFORD – Residents in the Oxford area called local officials and took to social media Wednesday evening after a loud explosion shook homes and was heard for miles around the Village of Oxford.

The source of the sound is unknown.

Police responded to calls at about 5 p.m. Wednesday but have not announced a source of the noise.

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Chenango County Undersheriff Joshua Gould said it could be difficult to locate the noise unless it repeats or there are obvious signs of smoke or fire.

He said police paroled the area.

He said in other past, similar incidents police had responded to loud explosions involving propane tanks and people setting off a legal explosive called Tannerite, used in sport shooting.

The material is relatively stable and safe compare to others, but can be packed into containers and intentionally detonated to create a very loud explosion. Depending on how it is handled, it is not illegal to use and can be purchased without a special permit.

On Facebook, resident Crissy Ross Howard said, “My whole house shook on Stafford Rd. Sounded like an explosion of some kind and was in my backyard.”

Local resident Bob Greenman said the noise shook his living room. He ran outside thinking something blew up on his property, maybe in his own garage.

“Pretty intense from my kitchen table,” he said.

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One Oxford resident, Steve Brazee, reported on social media he heard the explosion near the area of the Oxford Rod and Gun Club, and said he saw yellow smoke over the area.

Craig Rogers said, “I heard it real loud on Hoben Rd in Oxford. Shook my house bad. Drove by the Rod and Gun Club just up the road from me but didn't look like there was anyone there.”

Kody Finch said she had just arrived home with her daughter when she heard the explosion. Alarmed, she ran back outside to make sure nothing was wrong.

Police are investigating the incident.