City Of Norwich Seeks Buyer For Property At 48 Brown Avenue
Published: March 28th, 2023
By: Kelli Miller

City of Norwich seeks buyer for property at 48 Brown Avenue The City of Norwich is seeking Request For Proposals (RFPs) for property located at 48 Brown Avenue, Norwich. RFPs are due no later than 5 p.m. on April 3 in the Finance Office located at 40 Division Street. (Submitted Photo)

NORWICH — The City of Norwich is accepting offers from qualified parties to purchase the property at 48 Brown Avenue. Request For Proposals (RFP’s) are due no later that 5 P.M. on April 3, in the finance office located at 40 Division Street.

The property will be used as a single-family dwelling and it is currently not occupied. The purchaser will be responsible for obtaining required permits for any work performed.

City of Norwich New York Code Enforcement Officer Amy Donnison said, “The taxes were not paid on 48 Brown Avenue, so the city went through the required steps to obtain the property. In Norwich neighborhoods, properties are close together, so we’re looking to give an opportunity to purchase it as owner occupied, not dividing it up into two or four units.”

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Successful respondent should posses experience and capability to undertake any property rehabilitation. The respondents experience and capabilities must be documented in narrative accompanying the proposal.

The following list must be included with proposal:

1. Description of proposed use of the property.

2. Itemization of proposed work scope if any.

3. Estimated project start and finish dates.

4. Description of respondent's experience in conducting property development projects.

5. Purchase Offer for the property.

6. Signed Hold Harmless Agreement.

7. Signed Non-Collusion Statement.

Forms can be found at

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The subject property is in the R-2 zoning district and the City of Norwich Common Council will be sold as an owner-occupied dwelling. The City's Zoning Ordinance is available online at

The property building is 1.5 stories with 1,267 square feet on first floor and 677 square feet on second floor. On street parking is available as there is no garage. There are no additional structures on the property. Interior is in poor condition. Three to four bedrooms. Heat source is unknown. Built in 1875, est.

The property is being sold via a Quitclaim deed in “as is” and “where is” condition.

“We’ve had a few calls asking about the Red Sign with white X posted on the building. They wanted to know if the building is condemned. I explained it is not, the X is for the Fire Department, in case they receive a call to the property, the X lets them know the property is structurally unsound and unoccupied,” said Donnison.

Respondents will allow the city to conduct verification of property tax currency. Individuals or businesses must be current with timely payment of property taxes. Tax records can go through a second review prior to closing on property.

The common council will review and consider proposals on an ongoing basis until one is accepted at a date later set by the common council. The city will review and consider all documents submitted with proposal and any other factors the common council may regard as being in the best interest of the city. The city does reserve the right to reject any and all proposals.

There is no minimum asking price but the purchaser will be responsible for paying the pro-rated amount of current property taxes along with reimbursing the city for legal fees and paying all closing costs customary to residential property closings.

No Broker fees or Sales Agent commissions will be paid byThe City of Norwich for the purchase of this property.

In selecting the most desirable proposal, the city will consider all aspects of the development proposal, not just the amount of the purchase offer.

The City of Norwich Ordinance Inspector Harold Cole said, “The City of Norwich handles all city RFP properties and they are posted one at a time throughout the year.”

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“There will be additional RFP properties in the future,” Donnison added.

See all details at or contact Amy Donnison at the Code Enforcement Department 31 East Main Street. 607-334-1233