Earlville Opera House Gallery Openings
Published: March 16th, 2023

EARLVILLE – The Earlville Opera House Art Galleries has an amazing lineup of visual artist exhibitions scheduled for this year. Our first series boasts the work of three regional artists representing different forms of photography and painting. Come join us in celebrating these artists and their work on Saturday, March 18 from 1 to 3 p.m. Gallery visits and openings are always free and open to the public.

Featured in the East Gallery is photographer Bill Baburchak with his exhibit "Wings." When talking about his work, Bill says, “natural beauty is all around us, no matter where we live. We just need to learn to see, appreciate, and enjoy what I call ‘beauty in the ordinary.' It doesn't need to be an exotic animal or a rare plant, beauty is present in our everyday lives, but we need to change our way of looking for and seeing that beauty.”

Painter Tom Schmitt is showcasing his exhibit "Dark Rides?" in the West Gallery. This is a unique, colorful, and large-scale exhibit highlighting delightfully ominous carnival attractions. As stated by Tom, “One reason I like to paint these dark rides is because of the paintings on the outside of the rides. They are done with a lot of color and movement to attract customers. I also like that they are self-contained trucks that unfold into a ride. I enjoy the homemade creatures that light up and pop out of the dark rather than the more professional animatronics. I like the cars on the rides and how they move on the tracks. One of the best times on the ride is just as the car pushes open the doors and total darkness hides what awaits inside.”

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In our Arts Café, black and white photographer Frank Vlossak presents his exhibit "Looking for Light." There are no titles to his artwork. Rather, Frank wants the public to caption them based off their own interpretation.

“I take in sights, sounds, smells, and tactile experiences as I journey through my world. I experience everything my senses take in. And yet, I always have the feeling that there is something more, just beyond the reach of what my senses tell me is reality. Something else is present. Sometimes magical and full of wonder and sometimes a bit mysterious and frightening," said Frank.

"This elusive 'something else' is what I attempt to capture with my camera. I want to experience whatever else is going on – what else is happening just beyond my reach and yet so tantalizingly close. Thus, I look for the light which will bring me knowledge that leads closer to truth.”

These three exhibits open on March 18 and will be up until April 22. We look forward to seeing you here. Check out our website for more information: EarlvilleOperaHouse.com/artgallery.

Earlville Opera House annually presents 12 to 15 solo exhibitions of regional and national contemporary visual artists in all media. Galleries also feature annual group shows highlighting talents of regional artists as well as an annual exhibition of contemporary and traditional quilt artists. Curators may also propose group exhibitions. If you would like to submit your proposal, please follow the guidelines on our website.

Earlville Opera House Arts Center is located at 18 East Main Street in the charming Village of Earlville, NY and is handicap accessible. Masks are required other than when eating or drinking due to no ventilation in the 1892 venue. Please check our website for the latest COVID protocols, and for further information on our programs and services, and like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Events are made possible, in part, with public funds from New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor of New York and the New York State Legislature, and through the generosity of EOH members. Special thanks to Golden Artist Colors for their support of our Visual Artist Program.

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- Information provided by EOH