Norwich Seeking Summer Employees At DPW, Youth Bureau
Published: March 13th, 2023
By: Sarah Genter

Norwich seeking summer employees at DPW, Youth Bureau The City of Norwich is looking for high school and college students interested in working at the DPW or Youth Bureau over the summer. DPW positions would include work such as mowing lawns, maintaining flower beds, painting playground equipment, collecting garbage, and more. The Youth Bureau is looking for students to work as lifeguards, at their after school programs, and at their summer sports programs. (Photo from the City of Norwich Youth Bureau Facebook page)

NORWICH — The City of Norwich is looking to hire high school and college students for summer positions at the Department of Public Works (DPW) and Youth Bureau.

City of Norwich Mayor Brian Doliver said it's been difficult to hire summer help at the DPW in the past, and this year they're looking to hire three or four employees.

"With the extra help, the city can do so much more that we can’t do without them. Get ahead of things," he said. "Help paint playground equipment, help with grass that comes out of sidewalks in the downtown area, and that’s something that really the full timers don’t have time to do. So we really depend on the summer help to do a lot of those things."

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"It’s a big burden on the highway workers’ shoulders, because they're so busy getting streets ready to be paved. We have so many of those streets we do every year, and so they really need that extra help."

The positions at DPW are open to individuals 18 years or older that have a valid driver's license. For students, Doliver said the position would begin after the school year ends, and would end before the next school year begins.

"It can be from the time they get out of school until they’re ready to go back to school, or shortly before," said Doliver. "So for those college kids that are looking for money to help with their college cost, we’d be more than happy."

Pay is currently set at minimum wage, $14.20 per hour, and is a full-time job with 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.

Work tasks would include things like collecting garbage, maintaining downtown flower beds, mowing lawns, painting playground equipment, and more.

"If you like to work outdoors, you would like this job," said Doliver. "A lot of times this is the kid’s first job and so they're learning. It’s entry level work, but it’s a good place to start. I started as a kid working at a highway, so it’s a learning experience."

He said there is also the potential for future positions at the DPW for summer workers.

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"We’ve had a couple cases where we’ve had kids [that] would come in and they’d do the summer help, and they liked it so much they stayed with us and got a full time job," said Doliver. "We’re always looking for good help."

The City of Norwich Youth Bureau is also looking for summer employees to work as lifeguards, at their after school programs, and in their sports programs.

Students as young as 15 years old with valid working papers can apply. The positions are part time, and a driver's license is not required.

Those interested in being a lifeguard must be certified, and Doliver said there is assistance available through the city to help eligible applicants earn their lifeguard certification.

Doliver said the Youth Bureau summer positions are a great stepping stone for students considering careers in the child care industry.

"If you like working with kids, this is something that you think you’d like to do in your life, this is a great place to start," he said. "If it’s something you think you might want to go to college for in the future, then this might be a good first idea, see if you think you’d like it."

Those interested in applying for a summer position with the DPW or Youth Bureau can apply at the City Hall front desk, located at 1 City Plaza in Norwich, or by visiting Positions are expected to be listed in mid-April.