Coventry Express Mart To Open In June
Published: February 27th, 2023
By: Kelli Miller

Coventry Express Mart to open in June Construction continues at J&H Express Mart in Coventry. (Photo by Hiten Patel)

COVENTRY — A new Coventry store called J&H Express Mart is opening this June.

Brothers Jatin and Hiten Patel are the new owners of the old Coventry Store, otherwise known as, the corner store. They purchased the store in 2021 and began remodeling in June 2022. They kept the same structural footprint yet bumped out the back for additional space.

Hiten said, “ We are planning opening in the beginning of June, once the parking lot is complete and gas station built. It took longer to build than we expected because we do not live in the area. We did not know any workers and it took some time to find them for the project.”

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The Patels had driven through Coventry many times since 2014 and always liked the location. When the previous owners put the store up for sale, they contacted the Patels and negotiations began.

The remodeled store interior has approximately 3,000 square feet with plenty of freezers and shelving for grocery products. They will have Boar's Head deli meat for fresh sandwiches,. Hot sandwiches, and breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be served. “We'll also have fried foods.” Hiten added.

The beer cave is a walk in cooler and most beer choices will be stocked. There will be inside and outside dining and additional parking in the back.

Hiten said, “We have two remodeled apartments upstairs. The store operator will live in the first unit. The second unit has two bedrooms and is 1,225 square feet, with an open floor plan. It will be available for rent.”

The store will be open seven days a week with hours from 6 A.M. To 10 P.M.

New York State Route 41and New York State Route 206 intersect New York State Route 235, a north-south highway at Coventry. The store and gas station sit at this intersection.

Brandy Pullman, who previously lived in Coventry, remembers being at the store when her grandparents owned it. “Pauline and Willard were the owners and the store was known as Pullmans. They lived upstairs.” She said.

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“Everyone that came in knew my grandma and grandpa. It was truly a 'mom and pop' type store. I know the big jars of pickled sausages were my favorites. I don't recall the year they sold it but it changed hands a few times through the years. Until now, It really never changed on the outside. The new store is absolutely beautiful and Coventry needs a new store for sure,” Brandy said.

Local resident, Patricia Fiske said, “It looks like it’s going to be nice. I am happy for Coventry, they need the store.”

Kathleen Hickey Weeks has great memories of the old store. She spent several summers working in the store with her grandmother. When the Pullmans would go on vacation, Kathleen helped by cleaning counters and sweeping. Her grandparents, Anna Hickey Hauer and Edson Hauer lived in the front upstairs apartment over the store. She said it was a lot of fun having a store downstairs and her brother bought every model car and truck they had on the shelf.

Darren Smith said, “The nearest grocery stores and gas stations are about ten miles away in either direction. In the winter, roads can become icy, lending to unsafe driving conditions. Having a neighborhood store is going to be helpful in those conditions. It will be convenient for a lot of people. The new Express Mart will be a welcome to the area and people driving through.”

“Looks Amazing.” Wendy Poyer said. “Having grown up in Coventry and seeing the transition from Bill and Pauline Pullman to now, I'm very impressed and excited to see when it's complete and reopened.”

Hiten said, “We look forward to meeting the local community and it will be our pleasure to serve Coventry and surrounding areas.”