BOWLING: S-E Honors Seniors In Win Over Herkimer
Published: January 27th, 2023
By: Morgan Golliver

BOWLING: S-E honors Seniors in win over Herkimer The Sherburne-Earlville Marauders bowling team honored its two seniors in win over Herkimer. Jacob Jenkins led the team with a 635 series while Olivia Fehlner finished behind with a 522. (Photo from S-E Central School District)

EARLVILLE – On Thursday, the Sherburne-Earlville Marauders bowling team got right back to winning fashion, after setback to Adirondack, as they swept Herkimer 5-0. Prior to the match, S-E honored seniors Jacob Jenkins and Olivia Fehlner, who have been leading the team throughout the season, and appreciated their efforts and dedication to the bowling program.

Jenkins led all bowlers with a 635 series, including a 211 in the opening game before finishing with a 236 in the final. Fehlner bowled a 208 in the second game to finish behind him with a 522 high series.

S-E, who are the defending Section III Class C-D champions, have one more regular-season match against Waterville on Monday at 4 p.m before the postseason starts in February. The Marauders are 10-2 on the season and 7-0 in CSC Division II league play.

Full Results:


Colton Camenga 135

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Evan Chesebro 141

Leland Smith

171 130 (301)

Nicholas Jenkins

188 157 (345)

Riley Smith

153 168 128 (449)

Olivia Fehlner

138 208 176 (522)

Jacob Jenkins

211 188 236 (635)


Adam KasT. 94

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Emmanuel Johnson

104 96 (200)

Rob Stone

117 92 95 (304)

Michael Goodson

73 151 101 (325)

Josh DiPerro

149 116 122 (387)

Dave Bass

163 100 127 (390)