Broadway Musical Stars Norwich Native
Published: January 13th, 2023
By: Tyler Murphy

Broadway musical stars Norwich native

NORWICH – A Norwich native and 2016 Norwich High School valedictorian Kaitlyn Jackson has had a very successful music career over the last 8 years, and now she will be performing on the Broadway stage in Binghamton and Syracuse this month.

Jackson is currently on a National Tour of the Broadway musical, “Anastasia.”

The first nearby performance begins next week from January 17 to 21 at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse.

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The show will also perform January 30 and 31 at the Forum Theatre in Binghamton.

Kaitlyn plays the Queen Tsarina Alexandra.

Anastasia is about the rumored surviving daughter of the last Russian Czar and the Romanov Family after the Bolshevik uprising and the family's execution in the early 1900s. The show is based off of the 1997 animated film, Anastasia, and is a beautiful story of self-discovery, love, and family.

Jackson is a musician and stage performer who gained national attention when she appeared on Season 13 of American Idol when she was a student. Since then she has had many accomplishments, but being on the broadway stage is major step forward.

“This opportunity is truly a blessing. I am able to travel the country with a beautiful show and perform for thousands of people every night. The tour is the Broadway show on wheels; we worked with the Broadway creative team to set the show and are able to bring that caliber of performance to people across the country and Canada,” she said.

An in depth feature on Kaitlyn and her experiences will appear in Monday's Evening Sun.