Chenango County Welcomes First Serious Snowfall Of The Season
Published: November 16th, 2022
By: Sarah Genter

Chenango County welcomes first serious snowfall of the season The National Weather Service reported between one and three inches of snow fell overnight in the first significant snowfall of the season. A mix of snow and rain is expected today. (Photos by Cindy Tiley)

CHENANGO COUNTY — Chenango County received the first significant snowfall of the season overnight.

The National Weather Service reported between one and three inches of snow fell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. A mix of snow and rain is expected today.

Norwich Police Department Detective Sergeant Reuben Roach suggested area residents plan some extra time for commute to help prepare for winter weather.

“Give yourself an extra 20 to 30 minutes for travel time, and try to be kind to other drivers who are traveling slower than usual,” he said. “Drive slow and be aware of other drivers. Every year we have an influx of younger drivers who do no have the experience that some of us might have in the snow and ice.”

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Drivers should also be cautious of snow plows and other snow removal vehicles while traveling on snowy and icy roads.

“Give the plow plenty of room, and understand that the drivers have a tough job to do, and being patient with them is essential to safe roadways,” said Roach. He added that when around large snow removal vehicles, drivers should “Always drive slow and use extreme caution; the obstruction from the snow banks make it very hard for the drivers to see all things at all times.”

It is also good practice to keep emergency kits in vehicles, containing “a blanket, flashlight with fresh batteries, and if possible, a first aid kit,” to maintain both general safety and safety during winter conditions, according to Roach.

The New York State Police reminded motorists to be prepared for winter weather, and advised residents to “make sure you have a full gas tank, a shovel, and an emergency kit with extra clothes, blankets, and water; give yourself extra time; clean snow and ice off your vehicle; slow down; give other driver’s space, especially snowplows; [and] wear your seatbelt.”

Off the roads, Roach also advises residents to make sure their homes are prepared for the colder weather, and the additional load it puts on heating systems.

“It's important to make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms are working, because your heater [or] furnace will be more active in the colder weather,” he said.